run the exe file (windows) , use crossover-7

  10 years ago

to run the exe file (windows), I use '' (sh not deb files) because it is more simple and turned out better than wine or crossover-pro 8 & 9 (sh or deb files).

with , I can run the software windows for trading (eg: FBS Trader4, Insta Trader, MetaTrader FX Clearing, Interbank FX Trader 4, etc) , or software video converter for windows with a very easy and perfect results.

after I install, it was also participate perfect wine. able to run many applications for software windows and even games from the software windows.
==there is a simple trick that I do.
-)Open menu-applications-crossover-install windows software.
-)in 'install software', select 'Adobe Photoshop CS2' (this is needed to create a winxp bottle and Fonts are needed from windows).
-)Click next, select the 'other installer file'.
-)Click 'browser', select exe file that you want to install (eg: fbs4 setup.exe). click next. (also if the fonts file in the install / download), & wait for download to complete.
-)After the exe file is installed we can get the crossover configuration to view display systems, ........=
-)open menu-aplications-crossover-configuration.
-)in configuration-control panel, winecfg, graphics, enable emulate a virtual desktop, select a size eg: 800x600 or 1024x700 (this is used to forcibly 'shut down' / 'stop' software windows through its display, and is more effective)
-Click apply-ok.
<> is more simple, & does not require a large harddisk capacity (not like the     crossover 8 & 9).
<>-Can be directly executed without us install wine.
<>-Even we can directly use the run software windows, if we reinstall or upgrade our linuxmint , example: linuxmint 9 to 10 (but with one condition home folders do not format)
<>-Install-crossover for the location selected in the Home, not in the root.
<>-to run the file "msi" = click the right mouse button, select Open With Other Application, open the folder:. cxoffice,-bin, and choose cxstart.
<>-May be useful.
jahid_0903014 7 years ago

crossover is not a free sortware