Open Office starts up slowly up.

  10 years ago

Open Office starts slowly in the first double-click a document solution below. (Thanks to @ Bloom).

Cause of the problem: OOo tries the computer name on the network using DNS to resolve. It tries the construction completely wrong computer name. (None) off. And it gives all possible

domain combinations thus try, he sits for each of these combinations waiting for a timeout. This leads to a total of over one half to one minute (depending on PC to PC).

Solution: Add the name wrong combination OOo want to try to your local host list.

gksudo gedit /etc/hosts

This normally starts with:
Code: localhost hostname

where "hostname" your chosen name of your PC or notebook.

Add this entry under the following line:

Hostname localhost hostname. (None)

Save this. Now when you double-click on a document while OOo is not loaded, he will be ready within seconds of work!
With that name. "(None) 'behind this is actually a syntax error: there is no such signs may occur in domain names. But since OOo she tries to call before he loses any combination of time and try it all together is so annoying long. Joost can also see why an office suite at all to perform a DNS resolving, but he does so. And by the erroneous name to our hosts file to add, we are satisfied it without all those timeouts.
So if you are bothering you, this is the solution.

JVdiaz 7 years ago

Thank u very much, it worked nicely :)

jahid_0903014 7 years ago


sadi_pu 10 years ago

Cool tutorial!!thanks wanda for such tutorial it works at my juila.

kip- 10 years ago

lovely! thanks Wanda :)

blueXrider 10 years ago

Also works with LibreOffice.

ssaith 10 years ago

Alright this has clearly been translated, let me clarify

Input this into your terminal:

gksudo gedit /etc/hosts

Look for this:
Code: localhost hostname

"hostname" is the chosen name of your PC or notebook.

Add this entry under the the hostname line:

(put your hostname here) localhost (put your host name here). (None)

Copy and paste your hostname into the respective spots making sure to not delete the spaces. Don't forget the period at the end and to keep the "(None)" section. Save the document, now Open Office should start up instantly! Enjoy.

m4daredsun 10 years ago

I am sorry but I could not follow these instructions...

Where in /etc/hosts should I put the new line?
What should I write in the new line?

JarlArntzen 10 years ago

Excellent. This seemingly works really well for all parts of the office suite: writer, calc, impress and base.

@Bloom: How did you come up with this solution?

Alexio 10 years ago

Another good tip, thank you.

After you save the file, Open Office works as advertised :)