How to install 32-Bit Application Deb's On a 64-Bit Linux Mint

  12 years ago

Has anyone had the problem that there favourite or useful tool has only got a 32-Bit deb file, and the maker was so lazy that they didn't make a 64-Bit deb file!

Well this is where it changes because it is possible (In Linux) to force an architecture (architecture being 32-Bit and 64-Bit versions of the OS).


First we are going to install some 32-Bit libraries which are needed to run 32-Bit applications:


  • Open up Terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

and enter your password if it asks


  • Now we are going to open in the Folder were you 32-Bit deb files is by using the command:

 cd 'Folder Location'

 Were folder location is (Of course enter the folder location) or go to the folder, right click and click 'Open In Terminal'.


  • Now we are going to force the 32-Bit deb to be forced into installing for the 64-Bit Linux Mint:

sudo dpkg -i - -force-architecture package.deb

And now it should have installed the application in your 64-Bit Linux Mint operting system!


(Warning: I'm not sure but the Application might glitch sometimes, I'm not exactly sure!)


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bogdi 8 years ago

Hello. I am relatively new to Linux, so Can any one help with how to properly install those things in order to run 32 bit apps. I have LMDE-64bit, and I think I should do it, since I am unable to run Sentinella app, or maybe I am missing some packages. Thanks :-))

tadaensylvermane 9 years ago

Other way, not sure if it's safer or not?
Starting with the 32bit .deb you downloaded all from terminal in this order.

sudo dpkg -i filename.deb

Will install with a few errors about missing files

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install -f

Fixes dependency problems and all is well. This is how I install skype and it works brilliantly. I'm guessing that you only need to add the architecture once, from then on just do the apt-get update and the apt-get install -f on future 32bit debs you download.

jindal_bharat 11 years ago

no it didnt work for me
saying no command like sudo dpkg-i--force-architecture

jonnycross 11 years ago

This did not work for me
But This did
su -c "dpkg -i --force-architecture package.deb"

mikefreeman 12 years ago

It's a shame we can't get apt, Synaptic, MintInstall, etc. to allow access to 32-bit repositories for packages that don't have 64-bit versions, or in cases where running the 32-bit version is preferred.