edit grub 'bootloader' in LMDE and etc..

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edit grub 'bootloader' in LMDE and etc..

* insert dvd-live lmde and run.
* 'mountain' the partition which contains the folder "booting".



* note the number/nomer which exist in the descriptions / mountained. eg:12a3b45c-123c-1234-12ab-12abcd345e6f


* open the folder "boot" (in /) and note the number/nomer of "initrd.img". eg: initrd.img-2.6.32-5-686 ==(as administrator).
* Restart your computer
* in the first display (grub), press the letter "e" (the keyboard) to edit the grub.


* enter numbers, which has been noted before.
* press 'Ctrl + x'
* after login is hoped to update grub.

* for install dvd-live lmde with vga which not detected (eg nvidia). can be installed first on the computer which non-vga-nvidia.
* and then moved (its hard-disk) to a computer which using vga-nvidia.(must be that the same architecture, eg: i386 to i386 or 32bit to 32bit).


cara ini, dulu sering aku pakai dikarenakan banyak dari OS linux yang tidak bisa terdeteksi jika menggunakan vga tertentu (misal: vga-nvidia) dan aku mencoba untuk menerapkannya secara paksa, dengan spekulasi tentunya. pertama aku install di pc yang non vga-nvidia sampai selesai, setelah itu aku pindahkan ke pc yang menggunakan vga-nvidia. dan ternyata berhasil terdeteksi dengan baik.
mungkin tidak semua pc bisa dilakukan dengan metodeku. (disini aku cuma membagikan pengalaman saya).

if the folder 'grub' there is no content, can be copied and paste from the folder 'grub' other.
eg: linux-mint10-julia, with files in the skip.


vincezd 9 years ago

Hi !
I tried to follow this tutorial, then I found out that I don't need the initrd and vmlinuz stuff.
My goal was to add an entry in Linux Mint Debian's grub in order to boot to another linux OS (when I installed this OS, I didn't allow it to install its boot in the MBR, but in its own partition, so it was invisible by the Master Boot Record).
I did the following : edit /etc/grub.d/40_custom
add :
menuentry "Your OS name" {
insmod chain
set root=(hd0,3)
chainloader +1

update changes : update-grub

in (hd0, 3), you put the partition where your OS is actually installed. Beware, grub 1 counts from 0, but grub 2 (grub version 1.99 that we have in LMDE 2012) counts from 1).

reboot, you're done. It was that simple !

zaenal1234 10 years ago

for @wanda ,Thank you.

wanda 10 years ago

Very nice presentation my friend ... TOP.

zaenal1234 10 years ago

for @efthialex , Thank you. and this not screenshots, but foto on handphone.

efthialex 10 years ago

Nice presentation but you can make better screenshots if you install LMDE in Virtual Box