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  8 years ago

Gui for FFmpeg converter WinFF.
A very nice program such as Flash movies into AVI, whether there are more choices as regards codec.
Tip first try to play the same key, then you know whether it is or is possible to convert the file.
WinFF is a GUI for ffmpeg, a program to convert video files
to convert. It runs ffmpeg in the background, so you can choose the files converted
be WinFF and handles the rest, so you do not have to enter command lines.
WinFF converts the video files are not themselves, it uses 'ffmpeg' doing that too
get. As a result WinFF can convert all files 'ffmpeg' can handle. And therefore
Also, if ffmpeg does not know how to convert a file may therefore not WinFF.
Most of the WinFF user environment is occupied by the list of files
to convert. To add files to this list by clicking "Add" and removes
files by selecting them and then "delete" button. You can use the whole list at once
Empty with "remove". The "Play" button causes a file is selected
ffplay played with. This is a good test for the conversion, because if the file can not ffplay
Play ffmpeg will not be able to handle it (with some exceptions).
The strength of WinFF is that is you programmed or created by you
presets can choose the conversion. You choose first in the block "Convert to" output
the new file. Then choose the next block which preset you just want
use. In the menu "Edit" and then "Settings" allows you to add,
remove or change. More details will follow later in this document. In the last block in the middle,
"Destination", specify in which folder on your computer you want the new video file. Note,
because of the internal workings of WinFF, you are advised always to choose a folder other than
the source folder where the file that you want to convert.
To start the conversion of all files in the list, press the "convert" button.
Ffmpeg will be launched in a shell (Linux).
A2ls everything is progressing normally runs ffmpeg again shows what percentage of the converted file is already ready.
If ffmpeg is unable to convert the file it will display the reason.
Often you can use an Internet search to find help with the keywords "ffmpeg" and its two
sizes in the conversion. The forum WinFF ( often provides aid (to
using the "Help" menu). You can use any additional parameters required for your conversion loss
in the block "Extra parameters for the command (advanced), but more on that later.
Again, if the file can not ffplay your ffmpeg can play the file at all likely
not convert.
The menu structure
File menu
● Import Preset: If you file with a preset, you can import it here.
● Close: WinFF is closed.
Edit Menu
● Presets: Opens the editor for editing presets.
● Preferences: Opens the editor for changing the settings WinFF.
Options menu
● Additional options: toggles between whether to display the extensive
conversion options.
● Display command: no conversion really turned you can see
what command to ffmpeg will be given when you press "convert" button.
● Pause after finishing: allows you to determine whether the command window after
conversion should remain open for inspection.
● Exit after completion: You can let the computer shutdown after conversion
has ended. This is useful when you start the conversion, but do not want to wait
until it is finished.
Help Menu
● Documentation: Opens the editor for editing presets.
● WinFF website opens in your favorite web browser
● WinFF Forums: open your favorite browser WinFF forums.
Additional options
WinFF has two types of options for additional ffmpeg options to give during the conversion.
Common options for most conversions in the first block are introduced.
To eventually get a better result you should ffmpeg twice to edit video.
The preferences editor can be activated through the "Edit" menu to "Preferences" to go. The
"Default folder" is used during startup to set the destination. If "Remember the
last used directory "is selected then WinFF when closing the last folder if this value remember.
"Multithreading for dual core processors" ensures that ffmpeg is called with the
additional "threads2" parameter. It works for some codecs, and also differs between
MS Windows and Linux.


callagg2 4 years ago

Very helpful....but I agree with ivy S the layout could be easier on the eye.

Also perhaps instruct users about getting the latest version, Libav Avconv etc

Maybe even some line about the different formats you can convert to, and why you would select the different formats.

Then perhaps inform people that they can change the audio file on their converted video using mkvmerge GUI

ivy_s 7 years ago

Another good tutorial.

P.S. It would be nice, if you could change the style of the text, so it could be easier to read.

wanda 8 years ago

Thanks zaenal1234 have a nice day.

zaenal1234 8 years ago

very good, tutorial. & very useful for me. I like to converted a movies.