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MP3 Gain - Easy MP3 Gain

If you collect MP3s are not all the same volume. That can be very annoying when you play multiple songs in a row. You continue to grab the volume knob. A self-burned album with hard and soft tracks together is not exactly a professional impression.

In addition, there is an excessive volume audible errors during playback, the "clipping".

Fortunately it's fairly simple to put all your music more or less the same volume, standardization experts call it.

There is only one program that qualifies for the job, MP3Gain.

This program may have multiple MP3s at once to bring the desired volume without sacrificing quality.

MP3Gain is in the reproductions. (Program).

EasyMP3 idem. (GUI).

Start MP3Gain.


Just one single setting. Go to Options and tick the box for "only works with the selected files".

This will prevent MP3Gain not modify selected files.


Step 1: Selecting Files

Do you want all mp3s in one folder, then check click on "Open Folder / Album"

"Open Files" option for the control of individual mp3s. Selecting multiple files in the same way as in Windows Explorer. Use the Shift key as you select a series, or the Ctrl key as you select a number of separate files. Click "Open" and places the selected MP3Gain mp3s in the list.

Step 2: Analysis

Now let's see how the volume of the mp3's different from the standard chosen. The "Normal" Volume "is set to 89.0 dB.

You do not have to change. This setting is suitable in almost all cases. Feel free to choose a higher value for a louder sound. You may feel or more of "clipping".

Select the mp3 and click on "Song of the Year" for single or mp3's "Album of the Year" for MP3's from an album from the same rip! Do you have an album of tracks gathered and which are therefore of different sources, go for it "Number Analysis".

We discuss this example of "loose MP3s, so we opt for" Song Analysis / Level "

MP3Gain will analyze the selected mp3. When that is done you will see a mp3 volume, or there is clipping and how much the volume up (+ value) or decrease (- values) must reach the normal value.

What is clipping?

If a relevant mp3 file is decoded (played) through your mp3 player, it is possible that some fragments (frames) to be loud to be played.

The mp3 player will these frames than "clipping" (clipping) so technically they do not exceed maximum allowed value, which can result in audible errors in the music.

MP3Gain can adjust the volume so that clipping is avoided, resulting in pristine-sounding music.

Step 3: Custom Level

Just remember the columns with clipping. In the first column "clipping" (column 3) shows mp3s now too high a volume. Column 5 clip (ID) is empty. This means that the clipping problem is resolved as soon as the liquid is reduced to the value 89.0 dB, the "Normal" Volume.

No problem, so you can adjust the volume going. Here's how:

  1. Make sure all files are selected (Ctrl + a)

  2. Click the "Level Number" (mp3 single) or "Album Rating" (with all tracks from an album).

  3. MP3Gain adjusts the volume, and the result looks like this

Notice that all the mp3's now a volume that around 89 dB. The clipping problem is corrected immediately. Are there clip in column 5 (number) files with a J?

If the value is set 89 dB as normal, this will hardly play. A higher value may be preventing the mp3 with the dB value does suffer from clipping. Then follow these steps:

  1. Select only the MP3s without the words

  2. Click the "level number"

  3. Allow these files are selected.

  4. MP3Gain Once finished, remove the files still selected from the list by clicking "Delete Files". The files with the entry in column J clip (ID) are still in the picture.

  5. Decrease the volume by 1 dB Normal Thus, for example from 89.0 to 88.0 dB.

  6. Select the files without the J column clip (Number) and

  7. Click again on "Level Number"

  8. Delete these files by clicking on "Delete Files".

     Repeat these steps and set the value to a dB volume still lower, until no more entries occur in the J column

The roadmap to the perfect music library

1. Download or rip.

2. Check

3. Tags and names

4. Standardize

5. Collection management

Note: soundkonverter works with MP3Gain.

Thank you for reading.

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