vesamenu.c32: Not a COM32R image Error message Live USB boot

  10 years ago

vesamenu.c32: Not a COM32R image Error message Live USB boot
When we boot from live USB created via Start up disc Creator software in the Adminstration tools, we get a error message on boot up
vesamenu.c32: Not a COM32R image This error shows up and freezes. This error happens in Mint Linux 9 and 10 julia.
Resolution1.Hit Tab button2.Type "Live" and enter3.Linux should boot up normally.

There is no Solution
No Solution for Syslinux 2011
This does not work for Mint Linux 11 Katya and Ubuntu Linux 11. Hitting tab does nothing. Typing live produces error
"Live is not a kernel image"

It does not happen with Desktop and certain computers. It is now nagging Samsung N150 netbook.

I have tried everything this is a roadblock to all installation after version 10. It has something to do with Syslinux.

Nicoza 10 years ago

It infact happens on Desktops. I used the same Flash Drive on multiple PC's. In most cases Tab + "live" did work, however on one not. After it seemed like it's going to work I receive "live xforcevesa check memtest local".

jacob733 10 years ago

Another solution: copy vesamenu.c32 from Ubuntu live USB. The USB now boots.

hithirdwavedust 10 years ago

Did you try 'live'? The upper-case 'L' may have thrown the system off; remember, most of the linux system IS case sensitive!

fgalgani 10 years ago

I reported this bug here:

fgalgani 10 years ago

I confirm this bug in Linux Mint 12 Lisa, tested with HP Pavilion dv6-2167el and Acer Aspire One 110.

I confirm that the solution is hit TAB, type "live" and hit ENTER.

tux-sven 11 years ago

Works fine. Bad that I didn't see this earlier.

m4daredsun 11 years ago

You may get other errors on boot (or even directly the boot prompt). The solution described here always works!