Messed up mint-fortune after update

  10 years ago

Some users might be surprised that after doing an update on their LMDE, and opening a Terminal would display an error instead of the lovely cow with random quotes.

/usr/bin/mint-fortune: line 35: [: ==: unary operator expected

To solve this issue, open a Terminal and issue the command below:

gksudo gedit /usr/bin/mint-fortune

Locate and replace:

if [ $showfortunes == "true" ]; then


if [ "$showfortunes"=="true" ]; then

Make sure that there is no spaces in between "$showfortunes"=="true"

Save the file and open a Terminal to test.

*Some tutorials available on the web does state to not leave any spaces in between "$showfortunes"=="true" so same error still shows up when opening a Terminal.

m4daredsun 10 years ago

Thanx man!

scottlinux 10 years ago

Or alternatively, just remove the existing spaces on the sides of the ==

No need to add more quotes:

if [ $showfortunes=="true" ]; then


killmess 10 years ago

Thanks. ;)

DynamicMan 10 years ago

Thanks. Not a huge problem, but any slight annoyances that can be avoided makes me a bit happier. :)