Play Window's Games on Linux Mint + Install *.exe from *.iso

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Hey everyone, as a former Window's user i used to play some games on my PC and when i install Mint, i couldn't play them anymore, 'cause i didn't know how to install them on my new OS. I spend some time searching at the internet how to run windows applications on Linux and i found a great tool called Wine. With it you can run the most of Window's Apps but not all, especially games and this is because Wine doesn't support DirectX by default. To make Wine support it, you need to install a script called winetricks.


The Installation Proccess


  • First of all you need to have installed Wine on your computer, if you not, all you have to do is open your Software Manager, search for Wine and install it.
  • Once you install it, open a Terminal from Menu Accessories Terminal and type wget to get winetricks.
  • Next, after download is complete type sudo chmod +x winetricks to make  the file executable.
  • After that to install DirectX type sh winetricks directx9.
  • Finally type sh winetricks vcrun6sp6

(To avoid error: "Cannot Import dll:C:\users\xxx\Temp\is-00IEG.tmp\isskin.dll")



Now if you download your games from Torrent Sites which is illegal,  you'll find the most of the games in *.iso files.


If you like the game you have downloaded, go and buy it from the stores, to support the developers.



Run *.exe files from a disk image [.ISO]


  • As soon as you download your game, copy it into your home folder.
  • Then open a Terminal and type sudo mkdir /media/games. With this command you'll create a folder with the name games in /media.
  • Next type sudo mount -o loop ~/file.iso /media/games to mount the image into our new directory.
  • In the end type wine /media/games/Setup.exe to run your game.
  • To unmount the image after the installation type sudo umount /media/ in your terminal.



Tested Games






NBA 2K11

NBA 2K12




sagarpdalvi08 6 years ago


8IGDADDY 8 years ago

very nicely explained i will try and see if it works!
I have a star craft CD and don't want to scratch it more than what it is, funny enough i got it at a yard sale in FL like 3yrs ago lol

leeagt 10 years ago

Thank you so much for the above Tutorial. My friends daughter will now have a very happy Christmas. I was nearly there but didn't know you could rune wine from the command line.

Inoki 10 years ago

@efthialex: Thanks for the tip! :)

kazztan0325 10 years ago

Nice Tutorial!

It is not only its contents are good but also its layout is very well.

@efthialex is skillful at setting Font's Size / Style / Colors, so this article is comfortable for us to read, therefore it is easy for us to understand.

efthialex 10 years ago

To @mikefreeman and @blueXrider

PlayOnLinux is really good but it doesn't have all the new games,yet.


I'm sure there out are some of MS App's that can't run very simple only with wine, they need some extra scripts.

About Adobe check this out:

+ I don't wanna have dual boot only to play a game for 30 minutes. ;)

Inoki 10 years ago

The best way is still having dual boot with Windows. No means including WINE are stable and reliable up to 100%. Yer you can make things work, but usually takes a lot of effort from a users side, while on Windows "presto (!), you're done".

I've tried countless methods of getting things to work. Mostly small programs work via WINE, games and other packages like those from Adobe do not.

The overall working method:

- for programs use Virtualbox with Windows in it
- for games dual boot, the only reliable option

PS: There was once a version of WINE which was perfect, coded by some Russians, but neglected by the official WINE team saying it was "improper", while everything on it worked, everything.

Seems like it was hacked so great somebody from WINE team didn't want to have legal issues with MS, that's why we have to stick with their "copy".

mikefreeman 10 years ago

Yes, I would strongly recommend PlayOnLinux, especially if the game you are trying to install is in their list of install scripts. This automates the process very nicely. It also "sandboxes" each game in its own wine prefix, which keeps things much more sane, fast, and stable. Also, great write-up on mounting ISO's for this purpose!

blueXrider 10 years ago

nicely put together.

does PlayOnLinux assist the user in any way