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2016-02-22 14:40:51

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Sagar P Dalvi
Trainer in CMS
This IS the Best DeskTop Linux OS in my Life after Windows 8.
I am found of using different OS.
Yet! Now up-till I have been use Windows Xp the Best of all (7 year till Now.), Windows 7 Best but not more Impressive for Me (7 to 9 months), Windows 8 The best till now more Faster the Windows XP and 7 ( 8 Months till running) This was the Desktop Edition.
On server Side Windows server 2003 dam best But for Learning Purpose, Windows server 2008 Simple and Best Server and Now MS Windows Server 2012 is Like Windows 8 But Headache for Computer Hardware Configuration on Low Hardware Configuration.
Now Linux For Desktop I use Ubuntu, BOSS Bharat Operating System Solutions,
cylon linux, Fedora and Server Like Redhat Linux 5 and 6. and Other Open suse Desktop Edition.
But It was Much Interesting to Operate Linux Mint 15, When One of My Student name Ashish Batho, told me to use linux 15 that time i was not surprise by the Name , that time i was using BOSS linux, I was difficult to get and install Packet Tracer Software in Boss Linux, even MS office 2010 even Game toooo....
Mostly I use Linux to Clean Virus from Pen-drive, Windows is not secured if your are not using Good and license Anti-virus in your Machine.
Well !! that Day that guy for New for me even That Linux too... !!!!
One of the wordings he told me Till now I am not trusted on Windows , using Linux Mint 12 is Best !!!
Well I told him Linux Mint 12 !! Owww!! Your having any link to download it this was that link it was Our latest release is Linux Mint 15, codename "Olivia".
What the Pronunciation Codename and Olivia and its meaning is ? I felt some Different.
But for R & D purpose .
I download though Torrent.. it was fast.
When i install it it was dam best for understanding but little bit not easy to understand for User Setting like Control Panel of Windows.
Well the Graphic of Linux Mint 15 Woooooooooo.....!!!!!!!! Best of all but not like Cylon Linux Danger Graphic
Well Danger in the sense Best off all !!!
Yahh !!! after 2 more days it was creating some problem but with the help of forums and INTERNET help I use to solve it .
After a week I formate that Linux and Replace it with Windows 8 , due to some Machine issue because I was having 6 machine and 4 were Server and 2 were the Windows.
Again i place 2nd hard disk to install Linux Mint 15 well it was going properly but due to high application and much more multitasking Linux Mint 15 Hang every time.
So I told that student well there is another Linux Mint edition which will work on Low Configuration. That time My Machine Configuration was Intel Core 2 Duo with 2.8 GHz and 80 GB Hard Disk.
He Gave me Linux Mint 12 and I Install it well I was not able to give Focus on the Linux Mint 12 Which make me down-impress. Well Switch From Linux Mint 15 to Linux 12 ha.. it was big Deal for me...
In my heart I taught Linux Mint 15 was the Great and able to understand much better than another.
So on that Friday I upgrade my own Class Machine.
I gather 2 RAM of 2 GB each even Replace that motherboard with 512 Graphic supportable Display card and attached 3 Hard Disk 160GB, 80GB and 80GB and Developed a good Machine, Well i use 4 extra fan for Cooling purpose and Install Linux Mint 15 on 160GB hard Disk and on another 80 GB Windows 8.
Ok guys this was my History of Linux to get Linux Mint User..!!
I hope you may like my First look over Linux Mint 15, codename "Olivia".
I will Give some basic instruction to help or to upgrade your on System 
This Blog spot will help you and me to understand for the Growth of Linux Distro.....
Thank You ....
Sagar P Dalvi
Trainer in CMS
Teach CCNA, Server, ITIL and Now Linux Mint TO YOU !!!!
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