Alternative to Catfish for Thunar Search (LMDE Xfce)

  10 years ago

The "Known Problems" for LMDE Xfce 201108 states:

"Search in Thunar

To enable the search in Thunar, install the following package: catfish"

Catfish is a fine app but it seems odd to use catfish instead of the already installed gnome-search-tool (which is the app accessed via Menu -> Accessories -> Search for Files...)

So here's how to use gnome-search-tool instead of catfish for search in Thunar:

1. Open Thunar (Menu -> Accessories ->Thunar -> File Manager)

2. Edit -> Configure custom actions...

3. In the Custom Actions dialog select Search from the list and click the edit button on the right of the list (second one down, it looks like a pencil).

4. Replace the Description with the following (or whatever you want):

Search this folder for files using gnome-search-tool

5. Replace the Command with:

gnome-search-tool --path=%f

6. Click OK to close the Edit Action dialog

7. Click Close to close the Custom Actions dialog

8. You're done. Now whenever you right click a folder and select Search, the gnome-search-tool will appear ready to search that folder.

This seems much more consistent to me than using two different search tools depending upon where you start the search from.

Hope this helps (it's my first tutorial)

trollboy 10 years ago

Very nice and simple to follow. Thank you.