The Linux Mint FAQ

  13 years ago


Does Linux Mint provide commercial support?

No. Commercial support can be purchased from 3rd party vendors. Linux Mint is 100% compatible with Ubuntu so most Linux support companies can be considered. Our philosophy is to do what we do best. We know our product better than anyone else but we're not providing customer support, this is something better done by specialized companies. Until Linux Mint finds a reliable support partner and is in a position to assess the quality of the support given, no commercial support will be sold on

Does Linux Mint sell merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, mousepads)?

No. You can use websites such as to make your own Linux Mint items. Our logos are available here (to use on dark backgrounds) and here (to use on white backgrounds). Our philosophy is to do what we do best, and this isn't part of it. We haven't found a reliable partner which quality we were satisfied with to sell merchandise directly on


What is the login and password for the liveCD?

The login is "mint" and the password is blank (there is no password, when asked, simply press Enter).

Note: If the liveCD doesn't log you in automatically, there might be something wrong with your CD. Boot from the CD and use the "Check the integrity of the CD" option.

jfleen 9 years ago

I'm not sure if the liveCD info is only applicable for purchased liveCDs and/or older versions of Mint. I downloaded the image to create my own liveUSB of Mint 13 Cinnamon; no username or password were requested until install, at which time I was afforded the opportunity to choose them.

Biren 11 years ago

These FAQs automatically remove haze, if any. about Linux Mint. It is more beneficial to the first time or new visitor to Nice work.

linuxfanatik 12 years ago

I have to say that the Tutorials in Linux Mint are clear and easily done. Some other Distro's could learn by reading the tutorials here to pass on the attitude of the Linux Mint staff which is a 101% excellent! Thank You Linux Mint for being here for a sixty-nine year old whose memory isn't all it should be... ;)

gregzeng 12 years ago

How compatible is Mint with the various versions of Ubuntu: Super OS, Pinguy, LubuntuLubuntu, Useros, ... ?

I generally have Win7-32 on all my PCs. Then I add Super OS, with a 20 gb root partition, 256 boot partition. If I add other Ubuntu-types, they all use the root but have their own boot. So each Ubuntu version has the installed apps, desktop working on which ever I choose to boot.

All my Pcs are netbooks/ notebooks. I have them usually displayed on an external monitor (15 or 24 inch). Super OS is really a tweaked Ubuntu.

Is Mint also a tweaked Ubuntu?

Retired (medical) IT Consultant, Australian Capital Territory.

justin 13 years ago

Lopau, that is not really a question for this particular article.

It follows the Ubuntu cycle. Find that and you shall know.

Lopau 13 years ago

How often is released a LTS version?

clem 13 years ago

I'm starting a FAQ article where I'll add more and more questions/answers as I go along. I was recently asked about merchandising and support so I started with this ;)