Creating Application Launcher in GNOME3 Desktop

  11 years ago

Original Source ( Launcher to Linux Mint 12 Lisa Desktop

Description: A launcher is similar to a desktop shortcut in M$ Windows.

Problem: Unable to create a new launcher from Linux Mint 12 default GNOME3 desktop

Solution: Create a nautilus script

Applies to: Gnome3 Desktop


1. Go to nautilus-scripts directory from your home folder (~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts) and create a new document called "Create New Launcher".

2. Open the file using a text editor like GEdit and type the following commands, then save it.

  gnome-desktop-item-edit ~/Desktop --create-new

3. Open the file property

4. Go to Permissions tab and check "Allow executing file as program", then click Close button.



The launcher is now ready. To use the launcher, right-click from desktop and select

  Scripts --> Create New Launcher


Sample Launcher Commands:

1. Firefox Launcher


2. Wine Application

Launcher Command:

env WINEPREFIX="/home/mintuser/.wine" wine C:\\Program\ Files\\AngryBirds\\AngryBirds.exe

Explanation on Command Syntax for Wine Applications:

The Wine folder is located in home directory. For example, if the user name is "mintuser" then Wine folder is located in /home/mintuser/.wine

This launcher points to wine application "AngryBird.exe" located in wine application folder C:\Program Files\AngryBirds\

Mintification 11 years ago

I went through a very similar process, and it worked a treat in Gnome3 (although I've switched to LXDE now).

Boringbytes 11 years ago

On Mint 11, I want to create a custom launcher for a program that must be started using a script. This method doesn't work for me.