Edit OS Entries in GRUB/BURG

  10 years ago

*Disclaimer: this tutorial involves editing system files. You are solely responsible for any damage you cause to your computer, not me.*

Hi all,

This tutorial outlines how you can easily change menu entries (OS names) in GRUB/BURG.

This tutorial is for Mint 12 (although it might well work in other versions), and assumes that you have already successfully installed GRUB/BURG. If not, there is a great tutorial here by rezguino on how to install BURG in Mint 12:


Now, on with the show!

  1. Log in as administrator (called 'Admint' on my computer, pun intended).
  2. Open up terminal.
  3. Enter: sudo gedit /boot/burg/burg.cfg  ...This will open up gedit with the BURG configuration file.
  4. Look for the lines that begin with "menuentry" (without the quotes). These lines contain the BURG OS name entries. by editing these, we will be able to change the names. Straight after the words "menuentry" you will see the current OS names in single and/or double quotes.
  5. Inside these quotes, change the name to something appropriate. DO NOT delete the quotes, and DO NOT write outside of the quotes.
  6. Save the file, close gedit and exit terminal.
  7. Reboot your computer, and you will see the new OS name entries.

And that's it. Thanks guys, and all the best.


Mintification 10 years ago

As a side note to someone wondering what BURG is:
BURG is a "Brand-new Universal loadeR from Grub." So, BURG basically replaced GRUB's boring boot loader with an attractive and customisable one.