Install more MDM (Mint Display Manager) themes

  9 years ago

You can download more MDM themes from Gnome Look. To use a theme, you'll have to extract the downloaded archives because you'll have to make some changes:
  • rename the "GdmGreeterTheme.desktop" file to "MdmGreeterTheme.desktop"
  • open "MdmGreeterTheme.desktop" with a text editor and change "[GdmGreeterTheme]" to "[MdmGreeterTheme]"
Once you're done, archive the theme folder to .tar.gz and use the MDM Configuration Tool (mdmsetup) to install the new theme:

mdm preferences linux mint

Note: when renaming the .desktop file, it may automatically be renamed to "MdmGreeterTheme.desktop.desktop" - if that happens, use the terminal to rename it to "MdmGreeterTheme.desktop" (a single .desktop) using the "mv" command.


mikech 6 years ago

This is completely obtuse. It does not say where this mysterious fle is or why these changes are needed, It also does not explain how to add themes.

clem 8 years ago


This is no longer the case. Recognizing the fact that GDM themes are very numerous already and that the current GDM isn't themeable, recent versions of MDM work with GDM themes.

So the file should be GdmGreeterTheme.desktop and it should contain a [GdmGreeterTheme] section.

sujitnag 8 years ago

@ mikefreeman

you see this

for make your MDM theme


mikefreeman 8 years ago

I downloaded a theme from that is already in MDM format (file already named MdmGreeterTheme.desktop). However, it was hosted on DeviantArt, and downloads as a .zip file. I uncompressed the file, and recompressed it to .tar.gz. MDM Setup says the following:

Not a theme archive
File not a tar.gz or tar archive

Any ideas?

Mintification 9 years ago

Great tutorial - a very easy way of customising MDM.