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  10 years ago


Hello fellow Minters/Mintesses,

as a very spatial/visual person, I've been looking around for Linux Mint wallpapers to give a minty fresh touch to my desktop (can't stand a wallpaper more than two weeks old). Over the last while, I've searched all of and quite possibly most of the internet for the best ones. Here, I've rounded up the pick of the season - the best ones - to share with you. Hope you enjoy them.

Bon appetit :D



  1. Photographs (wallpapers using photographs)
  2. Abstract
  3. Other
  4. Other Linux wallpapers (not Mint)


Mint 056 by malvescardoso: macro photograph of a single droplet of water atop a blade of green grass

Mint Cat by m334: close up of a cat's face on a stylish black background.

Lost in Nature by suz-artw9: lush garden scene

Bee by Thierry-L: macro photograph of a bee

Butterfly Mint by JernauLM: macro photograph of a butterfly

Winter Sunset by suz-artw: late orange sun shines through snow frosted trees

Grasshopper by Thierry-L: macro photograph of a grasshopper on a blade of grass.

Dandelion by Theirry-L: almost abstract macro photograph of a dandelion puff

Trail by davis97266: gorgeous scene of a forest trail

Orange Autumn by suz-artw9: golden leaves adorn a tree in autumn

Dragonfly by malvescardoso: macro photograph of a dragonfly

Green Lilies by suz-artw: bright green lily pads float silently on the water

Bokehlicious by robin422: incredible image of dewy grass blurring into bokeh shapes

Minty Midnight Sun by Zwopper: a vivid blue sunset


Linux Mint Wallpaper by lorem-ipsum1986: abstract wave of light on a blue background

Linux Mint Circles Wide by Tithus: simple but sharp black/green circles on a striped grey backdrop

Mint Marble by gruskada, logo by Zwopper: marbled background (comes in green or blue)

Linux Mint Goes Dark by kensai111: an explosion of green and white on a black background

Cartoon Mint by suz-artw: simple green ribbons on a white backdrop

Array-Mint by Rizlaman: shiny silver spiralling LM logos

Particle Duality by mcduarte2000: stunning black/white alternating tiles

Matrix Green by dex3844: matrix-inspired wallpaper that is very cool indeed

Mint Garden by akaNed: cloud-like minty garden on black

Linux Mint Roots by Johonunu: attractive black shapes on a green background

3D Water Splash Green or 3D Water Splash Blue (KDE) by siarra: one big splash of water

Mint Space by notmiown: stellar green space

Dark Space Mint by LiquidSky64: minimalist black/blue wallpaper with a dark theme feel

Linux Mint Steel by morlockonzark: silver words "Linux Mint" with steel ball bearings rolling away

Linux Mint Minimalism Elegance by startek: minimalism at its finest (and three colors to choose between)

UpnAtom Mint by MintPartizan: grungy nuclear/radioactive theme

Mint Abstract by startek: colorful paint splatters on a wall (three color schemes)

Linux Mint Desktop Wallpaper by Foomandoonian: beautiful blue/green abstract wallpaper


Formula One Mint by JernauLM: excellent 3d model

Linux Mint Racing v2 by Jernau LM: another great racing car model (go, Mint, go!)

Child's Play by facade47: cartoon hills, blue sky and hot air balloon

Linux Mint Wallpaper by Downgrey: Mint logo painted on ashphalt

Other Linux Wallpapers

Linux Wallpaper by astark: Tux wallpaper with a radiating blue background (caption: "Linux!! What is that?" A wallpaper to make non-Linux users curious ;)

Star Tux by sewenka: Star-Wars style Tux mascots (comment on page: "really good it is!")

Tux Cool Green (please let me know the author of this picture if you find out): Love Linux.

And that's it for now. Please let me know your favorites, and any ones you think I should add in :)



Alexio 10 years ago

@Mintification - You are welcome!

Mintification 10 years ago

@Alexio I'm honored. Thanks for your consideration.

Alexio 10 years ago

All the wallpapers are now featured on the Linux Mint Community Blog where you can share what you like with others.