2016-01-21 15:09:53

Title Score
Title Score
Hardware devices
Device Release
Water 2.0 Performer
Thermaltake Cooling liquid, Works perfectly
Mint (older version)
FX8120 8core
AMD ATI CPU, Works perfectly
Mint (older version)
HD 7950 OC Boost DualX 925Mz
Sapphire GPU, Works perfectly
Mint (older version)
Gigabyte Motherboard, Works perfectly
Mint (older version)
Software reviews
Software Score
"i need to update review,took me a while to figure out how to do this. I used my PCTV USB digital Pro 801 driver in ME-TV in a new box i built from AMD parts and it works perfectly. As soon as i plugged the usb device in, rebooted. me tv recognized it and found the channels i had obtained via terminal copy/paste instructions from noobs lab, i think or the ubuntu how to site.I get better reception with the same device on my linux computer than it does with the newest happaugue/pinnacle drivers,same antenna location , no idea why.but it works better, the EPG is fine and fast, channel changes are slow, but that is hardly a complaint. I do get tearing in some pictures i do not get on the windows PcTV driver/device. i try the standard, none and other options in prefs for deinterlacing with only worse effects that is the update."
"it gets very good channel data , however, then what: leaves me hanging. cant see dvr cant ID country (USA) though I entered code from manual. I guess it works but got too adavanced I guess. the fallback is german or germany, too, from the terminal anyway."
"I installed this unknowingly, probably along with font packages, I dont have any real need for it, as i understand it. I can see how beneficial it can be, however, to many people. I have qiana and this ibus version is extremely easy to use, configure. I tried it and if i only could type in those other languages..."