Me TV, it's TV for me computer
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Me TV is a digital television viewer for GNOME.

Me TV was developed for the modern digital lounge room with a PC for a media centre that is capable of normal PC tasks (web surfing, word processing and watching TV).
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Drake411 4 years ago

I recently got an Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1600 TV Tuner PCI Interface. At first I had the antenna plugged into the wrong input. It is an analog card but with this software it picks up all the local on air channels and decodes all the schedule information too and shows video in a window on my screen. It succeeded with its purpose.

mikkerod 6 years ago


johnniedoo 9 years ago

i need to update review,took me a while to figure out how to do this. I used my PCTV USB digital Pro 801 driver in ME-TV in a new box i built from AMD parts and it works perfectly. As soon as i plugged the usb device in, rebooted. me tv recognized it and found the channels i had obtained via terminal copy/paste instructions from noobs lab, i think or the ubuntu how to site.I get better reception with the same device on my linux computer than it does with the newest happaugue/pinnacle drivers,same antenna location , no idea why.but it works better, the EPG is fine and fast, channel changes are slow, but that is hardly a complaint. I do get tearing in some pictures i do not get on the windows PcTV driver/device. i try the standard, none and other options in prefs for deinterlacing with only worse effects that is the update.

Sportfreak2013 9 years ago

Mit Timeshift-Funktion wäre es perfekt... Ansonsten läuft es gut mit Linux Mint und der Technisat Skystar USB HD ;)

miib96 10 years ago

dommage que le travail sur la compatibilité des décodeur soit baclé

linux1492 11 years ago

It looks great to me! Then again the problem that there are little transmitter signal in my region is my slef made problem. So I can confirm that the software works with LM Olivia and a Terratec DVB-T doodle (RTL2832U & Elonics E4000).

Ichag 12 years ago

Stürzt ständig ab

MarkLaw19 12 years ago

Its no longer working for LM 13! I really need to get this working i hope somebody will fix this.

ulysses 12 years ago

Not for me.

stel 12 years ago

Never, ever worked for me.

redspikers 12 years ago

I use it everyday flawlessy

Stephan88 12 years ago

super soweit, etwas buggy

bholnes 12 years ago

Brilliant program, very easy to setup and run. Unlike Mythtv load of rubbish, I have tried so many times and have given up.

kajttek 12 years ago

For DVB-T Ok. But it have some bugs

mintrenarr 12 years ago

Einfach gut, Sendersuche funktioniert. Mein Standard-TV-Programm

sayan_acharjee 13 years ago

Not a fan!! -___-

B_Tide 13 years ago

Great software!

csami 13 years ago

c pas mal

VK7HSE 13 years ago

I'm the maintainer! So of course I love it ;-)

fcole90 13 years ago

Requires a DVB station!