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I have been in the computing industry all my life. Starting with Dos 2.0 but just got on board with Linux. Why? Hell if I know, I never had so much fun tweaking settings and learning in my Life !!!


But on Linux, I'm a total Noob. I hope you will forgive me, when some of my questions seem so stupid, In my spare time at my last job, I would help out on "Help Desk" when we had nothing else happening. I feel your pain, when we Noobs, ask some of our "WTF! You kidding me?!?!"  questions. :/


Someday I hope I can turn that around, and be supportive/helpful to others myself. In the meantime, I'm sure I will probably have some of you doing the "Facepalm" maneuver. Thanks, in advance.

I can already see, I need to figure out how to compile the Kernel with updated drivers. Wifi on my other PC just won't work with installed drivers. Shit.... :/

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