simple application to create Video DVDs
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DeVeDe is a program to create video DVDs, suitable for home players, from any number of video files, in any of the formats supported by Mplayer.

It allows the user to create subtitles and even menus.
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Medina 2 years ago

Projeto extremamente primitivo em termos de recursos para criar o Menu. Utilizem o "Bombono DVD"!

jastombaugh 6 years ago

Replaced by DevedeNG, this software package is amazingly simple and fast. Lots of options and great for putting together DVDs from a huge variety of file formats! Have had no trouble playing these DVD's on everything from the DVD player in our minivan to the home entertainment system. Well done! This application fills a much needed area in Linux!

kybagul 6 years ago

Great Application for DVDs and CDs Video Disk Maker and Maximum Video Options

Anaemic 7 years ago

Very good program. Light and easy to use.

mani-b 8 years ago

Unter LMDE top! Mache ständig neue DVD's mit diesem Konverter und es funktioniert fehlerfrei ;)

fodder 8 years ago

I have burned over 500 DVD's using this convertor. So a few fails is acceptable.

iosonoscrive 8 years ago

very useful

hachesilva 8 years ago

Trying to convert a .ogv file to .avi and it won't go beyond the Forward button :(

gmorehouse 8 years ago

The UI/UX is worse than a botched abortion. Sweet mother of Christ.

harrybeadlebaum 8 years ago

Does what it says on the tin! Highly recommended program, that got me out of a hole when Nero let me down badly.

NeoGeo64 8 years ago

Best file converting program out there! Makes perfect DVDs no matter *what* file format you throw at it. I can't recommend this software enough. Works great in Mint 17.0 and 17.1 !

Rostislav 9 years ago

Легко и удобно. Только разобраться с параметрами

nogotaclue 9 years ago

I used convertx and nero on pc, this does as well as, if not better than, both of the aforementioned packages

Ali_RNT 9 years ago

Greate and light, i ove it because of subtitle support

edgarde 9 years ago

Works great, easy to use. I wish there were an "Expert" mode that would reveal many more features and controls, but really this is all I need.

duduwaki 10 years ago

Uso somente ele para converter filmes para Dvd mas par arquivos que tenha 2 audios vc tem que instalar a versão 3.16.8 somente ela lhe da a opção de escolher a trilha de audio para converter seus videos.

Dean28 10 years ago

Can't find anything better :/

Diegus 10 years ago

Facil y rapido de usar, muy bueno

Reiji 11 years ago

works great, exactly what i needed

SDiego 11 years ago

It would be better...