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Please visit STOP THE GLOBALISTS and WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING to help other Americans and world citizens WAKE UP IMMEDIATELY!  We need their healthy consciousness in this spiritual war against the darkest of all evils, allowed to manifest in this physical dimension thanks to the present day Satanic Illuminati, Luciferian Vatican and Zionist Whitehouse. Protect your soul with the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. This is critically important. Several aerial maps of Washington D.C. consist of the Satanic symbolism, that this country was founded upon. Everything is a lie. The phrase on the U.S. dollar "In  GOD WE TRUST" is in reference to LUCIFER, and that is by design of the Illuminati Free Masons since everytime a person sees it and reads it,  and thinks it means "Jesus Christ", it is actually Lucifer they are unknowingly worshiping. The same can be said for all of the counter-clockwise traffic roundabouts throughout the world. WE ARE IN A DIABOLICAL SPIRITUAL WAR and we must outsmart these wicked people.

The Vatican has tons of Pineal Gland symbolism yet was behind the feeding of Fluoride to German prisoners to keep them doscile and then AMERICANS!  YES!  DAMN IT!  WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO ABOUT "EVERYTHING".  The private bankers, since the inception of the first bank, have caused unprecedented anguish in the world from their wars, genocides, terrorist attacks and covert murder operations. Between the chemtrail spraying to either block out Nibiru, alter the weather or poison Americans, it's just as bad as putting Fluoride in our drinking water when it's been proven that Fluoride is highly toxic and provides no benefit for the teeth. The same amount of fluoride in toothpaste that necessitates a call to the poison control center is in an 8 ounce glas of water. Regardless, even if it did help our teeth, I'd rather have no teeth than a completely calcified Pineal Gland and a body riddled with cancer from the toxins.  IT IS MY CHOICE!  Now they're trying to corner the food market with GMO's and Monsanto. Again, highly dangerous and proven to cause severe deformaties in lab rats.

There is no denying that our government has been hijacked and is controlled by evil shadow government Zionist,  Luciferian and Jesuit globalists. Read the Jesuit oath. We are in a police state right this very moment, very close to Martial Law.  JADE HELM was an operation to gather intelligence for their A.I. software that will later be used to determine who dies and who lives. The image of a clog in the center of the JADE HELM logo signifies "sabotage of the American people".  Many, who are mind-controlled will say to you "SEE! NOTHING HAPPENED." 

Illuminati-controlled Hollywood is a cesspool of evil.  FEMA death camps have been fully staffed for over a year now and they're still hiring even foreigners by advertising domestically and internationally.  The millions of coffins purchased by FEMA are real eye opener to what they're planning, but wait!  There's more!  The United States Army & Marines purchased 30,000 guillotines to be used at the FEMA death camps.  The FEMA camp updates and expansions are mind blowing!  The underground cities that were built with OUR tax dollars, over 2.2 trillion dollars, probably way more, was used to build over a hundred and fifty massive deep underground bases, called D.U.M.B.s for "DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES", that are so immense they would make your jaw drop!  The money was tactfully stolen from the Treasury the day before the inside Saudi/USA job of 9/11.  If you think that wasn't an inside job then you are a mind-controlled idiot.  WAKE UP!  Then you factor in the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of U.N. troops and U.N. combat vehicles already here in the U.S.A. with U.S. soldiers indicating they've overheard UN troops indicating they can't wait to raid Americans homes.  Then you factor in the fact that Blue Bell ice cream trucks are in fact traveling with huge military convoys and have been seen in large numbers on military installations.  There is no doubt that 9/11 was an inside job when you do your investigating.  Then you factor in several strategically located Walmart stores, vacated and equipped with razor wire on the rooftops, covert guard towers, tons of security cameras, guillotines and underground tunnels to the nearest FEMA camp to herd dissidents (veterans, supporters of the Constitution, gun owners and Christians) like cattle in the middle of the night. The public will never see it coming and will only wonder where everyone has gone. PEOPLE!  PLEASE WAKE UP!  THEY ARE PLANNING ON A MASS GENOCIDE HERE IN AMERICA!  The United States Government has been hijacked by an evil race of Reptilians and the people in Government are NOT the original people. They are clones. Jeb Bush left the presidential race because he had no more clones left to use and his present clone was about to expire. Once it does, you will never see him again. These government clones, along with Luciferian CIA and FBI clones are raping and murdering children on a continual basis. 

I just recently woke up and was once a mind controlled Navy computer operator.  DO NOT let your child join the military since being in the military has never been and never will be about defending America, although the brainwasing is "TO BE PROUD AND SERVE YOUR COUNTRY".  Nothing could be further from the truth.  THEY ARE DOING A DIS-SERVICE TO THE COUNTRY by being good order followers to the Luciferian New World Order Agenda. It has always been about the private bankers accumulating more wealth and dominating the rest of the world. Everything, and I repeat, Everything!, can be traced back to these globalist private bankers and WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THEIR WAR GAMES and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!  If I were from any other country I would hate America for what they've done to this world and the unnecessary pain and suffering they've brought to other countries in their quest for greed and power.  Surely, they must know that the 99% of Americans had no idea their government actually allowed a shadow government to control them. Afterrall, they've assaulted us with every form of mind control and degradation you can think of.  Our own government are drug dealers but they'll throw you in prison for life if you get caught. Bill Clinton funded his campaign by trafficking cocaine! 

Here are a few links to get you started: - Private Bankers - Nibiru


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