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VLC is the VideoLAN project's media player. It plays MPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, MOV, WMV, QuickTime, WebM, FLAC, MP3, Ogg/Vorbis files, DVDs, VCDs, podcasts, and multimedia streams from various network sources.

VLC can also be used as a streaming server that duplicates the stream it reads and multicasts them through the network to other clients, or serves them through HTTP.

VLC has support for on-the-fly transcoding of audio and video formats, either for broadcasting purposes or for movie format transformations. Support for most output methods is provided by this package, but features can be added by installing additional plugins:
* vlc-plugin-access-extra
* vlc-plugin-fluidsynth
* vlc-plugin-jack
* vlc-plugin-notify
* vlc-plugin-samba
* vlc-plugin-skins2
* vlc-plugin-svg
* vlc-plugin-video-splitter
* vlc-plugin-visualization
Latest reviews
sulthanphd 1 week ago

A must video player for any laptop or desktop. Play any format smoothly.

Lisenok425 2 weeks ago

Отличный плеер использую его давно.

-cbd- 2 weeks ago

perfect !

10eduardo01 4 weeks ago

Reconheço que o reprodutor de video padrao e bom, Mas não melhor que o VLC =D baixem. obrigado =D

rawaniajay 1 month ago

Best Media Player!

Lothaire 1 month ago

Si vous utilisez VLC sur Linux Mint, pensez à installer les packages multimédia additionnels, c'est extrêmement important ;)

Crimson_Raven 1 month ago

As an old user of MPC-HC (media player classic - home cinema) on windows, at first I was sceptical about this program, but trying it out, it's just awesome! The plugins available for this thing are countless and incredibly useful. Want to pause-on-click? No problem! Want to search for subtitles based on the hash value of your movie (so they always match)? Say no more! I literally don't know how I lived without this.

9parker9 1 month ago

Stuck with the older version (2017ish) for fear of Googlish entanglements (which did, in fact, happen. Google, amirite?) Nevertheless, very glad I updated! Love the new layout, love the equalizer, love functionality improvements. Creating and editing playlists? Not so much. Still, well worth dueling with the Great Googly Moogly to get it.

AdamJensen 1 month ago

Лучший плеер для видеофайлов. Удобен и легок в использовании.

Stormy 1 month ago

Great video player, still using it in 2020 :)

cleverbastard 2 months ago

Le MEILLEUR au Monde sur tous les supports. Invente a Lyon en France en plus. Incontournable.

hudson 2 months ago

Com toda certeza o VLC é melhor player disponivel para a plataforma linux, o interresante desse player e que ele possui funções extras pouco conhecidas pelos usuarios comuns, a exemplo a captura de imagen e video da área de trabalho

zafran 2 months ago

best for mint

_adorablesbetes 2 months ago

Best video player ever !

Emanuel 2 months ago

The reference to play film and other media ! I use it to read .flac and .mkv, it's very hard to find good player that read all formats

Mumbly58 2 months ago

The best.

katsumi 3 months ago

VLC is one of the best media players along with SMplayer.

humanpride 3 months ago

Best one for opening all kinds of files. Absolutely irritating that stupid vlsub bugs just cannot seem to be fixable after 5 years

Squidlipps 3 months ago

Since upgrade tp mint19.2 the GUI resolution is very low.

nemlabanc 4 months ago

A legjobb lejátszó! Mindenre!