2015-08-05 03:45:56

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"Makes me think of Amarok, along with Exaile and Guayadeque Music Player these are the 3 trash mediaplayers currently on my personal blacklist. Although the creators of these mediaplayers have guaranteed that these players are perfect to handle large libraries. Read description above, Don't believe a word of it, AFAIK it's misleading propaganda. Or unsolved nasty bugs under the hood that yet works well with e.g. Xfce, Mate or Cinnamon, but KDE brings those flaws to the surface because some DJ with a huge music collection needed to troubleshoot all night after the mess this player made. Nothing but a direct assault on my system. So far, the 3 players that I just mentioned are the worst nightmares I ever installed... I gave Exaile yesterday a try on my brand new installation of Linux Mint 17.2 'Rafaela' KDE 64-bit LTS (Sony VAIO, truly a powerful laptop, never knows how to give up, blazing fast all the time, ... My congratulations from yours truly for the creators of Exaile, they did a great job: 100 % processor power needed (ALL cores at max speed!), 100% physical RAM in use and if that wasn't enuogh, it also swallowed the complete 100% of my 8 GB swap partition. And then my system hangs. So why my current outrage? As a Deejay I know that I'm not the only one having a massive, large offline library, all mp3's and m4a, some lossless audio as well. Compared to them I just have a lousy 45.294 audio files at this very moment, more than a Terabyte legal audio, worth over 230 days non-stop music without repeating a single track. A lot of dj-mixes and podcasts included of course. Peanuts to others who often have a massive audio collection, 5 or more times bigger than mine. I got an Intel Core i5 @ 4 x 2,3 Ghz (quadcore CPU), 4 GB physical RAM, 8 GB swap partition, NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M with Cuda 2 GB. Anyone who needs to know more specs? Why is it, that players like Banshee, Audacious and Rhythmbox know how to handle big and valuable music collections the right way without slowing down my system while the Blacklisted 3 are nothing than perfect system nukers? My apologies for my outrage, because I found my perfect players for now: both Audacious, Banshee and Rhythmbox are stable, reliable and they never devour all the power of my Core i5 CPU, ram & swap. To others with Mint KDE 64-bit installed, you better beware, even though you have to choose the player that works best for you on your system, not me, my advice (for what it's worth) is: if you don't want to damage or even lose your media library where you're paying for at iTunes, Beatport and/or other online stores, a valuable collection that probably took you at least a couple of years spending loads of money online for legal downloads then this is NOT the right player for you. At least if you're running Mint 17.x KDE 64-bit. If it works perfect on another distribution? Good for you, but here it doesn't. Period."