simple tool for modifying PDF documents
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PDF Mod is a simple tool for modifying PDF documents. It can rotate, extract, remove and reorder pages via drag and drop. Multiple documents may be combined via drag and drop. You may also edit the title, subject, author and keywords of a PDF document using PDF Mod.
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Clusterbyte 4 months ago

Purtroppo continua a crashare alla richiesta di apertura dei pdf. Altre volte rimane solo bloccato.

konradem 5 months ago

After selecting the file to edit, the program turns off.

HMMH 8 months ago

does not open some pdf files _ 2023_06

skiron 10 months ago

It hangs. It't better to use PDF-Shuffler but I couldn't find it at first thus used PDF Mod. So tried again found it: "PDF Arranger was formerly known as PDF-Shuffler"

DrivenNuts 1 year ago

No longer working/updated/supported, website shows only "trial" & new full versions for sale $. Uninstalled.

theturgidone 1 year ago

Sadly, pdfmod does not open all PDF files. On a sample of ~10 files, ~5 returned an error message, "There was an error opening ." Main reason for having selected it was the promise of editing bookmarks (pdf outlines). Such a simple and common thing to do, but too few tools do this competently. App was last updated in 2011.

rsholmes 1 year ago

This application was last updated in 2011! It's good when it works, but lately I've been getting crashes on startup. Went to see where to file a bug report and learned it's necroware. I'm trying PDF-arranger as a replacement.

n0body_special 1 year ago

I've been using it for years, and just realized I have never taken the time to thank the authors. I've been using this professionally, having scanned literally tens of thousands of documents, after which I need to remove blank pages, rotate falsely scanned ones, get rid of useless material, extracting the most valuable one etc. My job would be impossible without this tool. I've yet to find anything nearly as simple, fast and effective for windows, while being free at the same time, and believe me, I've searched a lot. Unlike others, I don't believe that the program could get much better, as the addition of new features would risk bloating it, or making it less effective. This tool is a merit to the linux community. PS: Working perfectly for me on Linux Mint 20.2 Cinammon

ffabien 2 years ago

ncie soft, could be better ! the only one who can easily manipulate PDF like "preview" on macOS.

Vasilis_K 3 years ago

Doesn't work in Mint 20.1.

rosendorn811 3 years ago

Truly, I liked it, but since it isn't working any more I uninstalled it. Hope, it will be fixed soon. LM20 Cinnamon.

winfried 3 years ago

Arbeite nicht zuverlässig, stürzt oft ab, Linux Mint 19.3.Xfce

MusicMagic 3 years ago

Same here, especially closing without warning and nothing's saved, all editing done for nothing... and most of the features even don't work! (Linux Mint 19.1, Xfce 64-bit)

Peroni 3 years ago

crashes a lot, not stable (Linux MInt 19.3, MATE 64bit)

Ivan_anatolyevich 4 years ago

Программа очень полезная и удобная, но постоянно вылетает.

Lethal749 4 years ago

Fails on so many levels, crashes and often fails to open a lot of pdf documents

kevinbowen 5 years ago

Continuously crashes with coredump. The latest version in Software Manager is 0.9.1 and hasn't been updated since 2011.

Mathy005 5 years ago

Extremely useful software. 5 stars is deserved.

Lememe 5 years ago

fonctionne sous mint19 64bxfce mais beug avec les fichiers PDF contenant un grand nombre de page (ne peut pas les ouvrir)

Caltrop 6 years ago

impossible to use with large projects