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About me:
I'm a hopeless romantic!  I'm a dreamer, a creator, an inventor, of all sorts!  I write books, poetry and songs, and I do my best to improve my skills on my guitar as I play.  I love computers and technology, cameras and drones, two-way radios, and all the wonderful techno-gadgets we have to work with!  
I love rainy and foggy days, and cool, crisp evenings and nights.  I love to sit in the woods and listen to the raindrops, after a rain, as they slowly drip from the leaves in the quiet of the woods.  My feelings run deep - really deep. My values are true, solid, black-and-white. My commitments are true, as well. I am a believer in "absolutes"! When I am your friend, there are no "grey areas" with me - you're my friend - period. That survives all attacks, all obstacles, and all that we may go through. I may not agree with you, but in friendships that is irrelevant.  I am not perfect, but my beliefs are solid.  They are deep-rooted, made up of beliefs and principles of honor and character. These are what keep me grounded, as a friend, and as a person ... and they're what bring me back when I stray or fall short.
There are so many things I've wanted to build, to create, and to accomplish.  There are so many things that I want to learn as well.  In this world, most of the battle is finding ways to make these dreams happen!  You can create and discover some of the most wonderful things that man has yet to see, in your mind and in your heart, but without the funding, without the development, and without the people who believe in you, and work with you, to bring these wonderful things to reality, these same precious creations, the wonderfully grand memories that I have dreamed and developed in my mind, will fade away like the clouds that form from my breath, as I step out into the Winter morning's air.  With the passing of my life, all of these wonderfully imagined things will simply cease to even be a memory, for as the last of my life's force fades away, and leaves my body to return to the dust from which it came, so the memories and the dreams that I have endeavored to create go with me, as I return to the place that I knew once, that place we all long for, where Life Himself awaits our arrival, and for me, my return.
And so it is, that I endeavor to learn all that I can … about a LOT of things.  I work to find new ideas and ways to finance my dreams and my ideas, and I pray … I pray that my time here, in the Earth, will not fall short, before I have experienced the opportunities unity to be all that I can possibly be, to create the many things that I have dreamed about and created in my minds eye, and to live a life that has blessed and helped the great many people that I will meet and come before, in this life that I am living in the Earth.
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"I love the app, but when trying to install it in LINUX Mint, I used the 1st listing in the software manager, "org.telegram.desktop" which I never could even get to launch. So I uninstalled it and instead loaded the 2nd one listed (same program) as "telegram-desktop". It worked beautifully. So, if one doesn't work for you, try the next. It's a great app! I use it on my iPhone and Macbook Pro too!"
"This app only installs the dolphin file browser. And while it is a really great featured browser, there is no configuration utilies for NFS sharing or Samba, as advertised."