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Flying in water (easy, I'm a superhero)

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"Mint 19.1 / GeForce GT 710 / Nvidia driver 390.116. Seemed fine, no application crash, I can manually rotate the globe... BUT when searching for locations, the globe rotates to coordinates 0°N 0°E and never leaves it afterwards. Very annoying, this bug makes google-earth-pro-stable ( pretty useless in the end... Something to do with my French locale?..."
"Being a long time user of former Ksnapshot (now KDE-spectacle), I would have rated it 5/5 if it were on a Plasma desktop... But the issue with Cinnamon has always been (at least since Mint 18.x) that feature "capture a region" does NOT work. Worse, it's impossible afterwards to get back to the Cinnamon desktop! (meaning the only solution is then Ctrl+Alt+Backspace). Too bad... I'm really hoping for a fix in the future!"