2020-09-15 09:56:10

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"I've been a Mint user and lover since about Mint 14, now on 20. From the beginning years ago I used and relied on Cairo. Sadly I found Cairo buggy and hard to set up, not the least bit intuitive. Over time I found a number of bugs, vibrating dock, need for reboots. When I finally and recently downloaded Mint 20 (which I love) I decided it was time to change to a simpler but still attractive dock. Both practical and fun - this would be Plank. I can honestly say after having used Plank for some time now, that I could not be more pleased. Simple, bulletproof, fun and attractive. I love the way programs are automatically added as you use them, to appear on the Plank dock, and allowing me to keep them there permanently. In this way you are creating your own custom dock based on your actual current usage. This is easy, fast and entirely intuitive and effective. Great program, you must try it."