Elegant, simple, clean dock
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Plank is a dock enabling you to start applications and manage your windows.

Plank is meant to be the simplest dock on the planet. The goal is to provide just what a dock needs and absolutely nothing more. It is, however, a library which can be extended to create other dock programs with more advanced features.
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rdlf4 1 month ago

The only two reasons I've got to ask the Developers for an update is #1 there's no way to add an applet to work as an Applications Launcher/System Menu by myself, I have to rely on other people's themes to do that and #2 intellihide needs a lot of improvement, it keeps on showing up when it shouldn't (ie when using Steam in fullscreen mode and hovering over STORE makes Plank show up).

Fikret71 2 months ago

Funktional & Simpel.

scoobydooami 2 months ago

Nice, flexible dock. For those having trouble with settings for plank, press CTRL + right click anywhere within the plank.

acmdb 1 year ago

Nice software; remember that for settings you simply need to execute plank --preferences

truesarang 1 year ago

Has a bug that after initial load up, when log out, log back in lose functionality in mint 19.

ak666 1 year ago

Simple, convenient and inherits best macOS dock features! Way to go!

vertigo220 1 year ago

No settings and doesn't uninstall properly, was still running after removing, still have a defunct process running from it.

Berry 1 year ago

Отличная штука, не представляю рабочего стола без нее

koheleth 2 years ago

Very well

cmoi 2 years ago

Simple et efficace

linx123 2 years ago

ждём v.1

A3A3NP 3 years ago


franksing 3 years ago

Two issues: 1. Can't drag and drop a project folder on apps, say, Atom. 2. On Cinnamon, terminal launched using universal keyboard shortcut is shown separate from the one pinned on the dock. On the plus side, really clean and lightweight. IntelliHide is a great behavioral feature.