2021-02-04 15:35:12

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"To the reviewer complaining about Tbird version 68.10 being "10 versions behind" -- it is understandable to think that, given the way Mozilla has been behaving, but in fact there has only been one official Tbird release since 68.10 and it is called 78.7 -- just recently released and, yes, making it look like there have been 10 versions since 68.10. That's an old Microsoft trick. The 78.7 version is available here as a Flatpack -- but BE AWARE: Mozilla has made *major* changes to Tbird with ver. 78.7 and I do not like a lot of them. Particularly them messing up the way Profiles work. So you might want to check out ver 78.7 in a separate machine and see if you like it. Besides the screw-up with Profiles, try writing a message with version 78.7 and after the "auto-save to draft" timer kicks in, see if you enjoy having a bright, flashing blue light streaking constantly back and forth across the screen while you're trying to concentrate on writing something. Irritating, distracting and a classic example of unecessary animation where it is definitely not needed or wanted. And no, I couldn't figure out how to turn it off. I'm sticking with ver. 68.01 for now. I've tried a lot of email apps but have been using Tbird productively for 15 years with no problems. It's been one of the very best and it is cross-platform with Linux-Mac-Windows(gag). Or, at least it was -- until they messed with the Profiles. I've always been happy to update to the lastest release of Thunderbird -- until I tried the new conceptual disaster of version 78.7. Mozillia appears to be trying to turn Thunderbird into Firefox and does not seem to care what they break while they do it. I may have to look at another option and find a way to covert my 15 years of Tbird email archive files into it. Oh, joy."