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"Had to set up an account just to review this junk. May 2022 I patched up an old HP laptop to swap out with my current one running Mint 19. Installed Mint 20.3, worked fine for a day until it started slowing down, and occasionally freezing... suddenly all network activity was blocked, no wireless, no external USB wireless, no USB tethering, no ethernet, all dead. Went back to the other laptop to continue work. Two days of research and attempts, nothing helped until I got the problem narrowed down to Timeshift, couldn't access it because "in use" continuously for hours, couldn't uninstall. Had to rip it out with synaptic package manager, and manually hunt down its files and 80GB of snapshots to delete all of it. Reboot and now completely functional with internet access again. Strongly recommending against activating this, massively displeased."