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System restore utility
9 reviews

Timeshift is a system restore utility which takes snapshots of the system at regular intervals. These snapshots can be restored at a later date to undo system changes. Creates incremental snapshots using rsync or BTRFS snapshots using BTRFS tools.

User reviews:

3 weeks ago
5 Recommanded Utility. It is very Cool. Thx..

1 month ago
5 Excellent tool.

3 months ago
1 Starts when i working, slowing down computer. Why there are no exact time schedule????

3 months ago
4 This is a great program. I like to push my technical understanding of Linux beyond my actual skills, and this makes restoring to previous points perfect and simple.

5 months ago
5 Timeshift saved my life when I tried to install some proprietary drivers and failed.

7 months ago
1 Tried to run my first snapshot and it ran out of disk space very close to completion. After it errored out, the partial failed snapshot was not visible under timeshift but it didn't get deleted either. Uninstalling timeshift did not delete the failed snapshot files either, and as it had used up 100% of the disk space I couldn't even get online to search for a solution. I had to manually hunt down the timeshift files, change permissions since they were created with root ownership, and then delete them to get my system working again. Unpleasant waste of time. The failure modes need to be much more graceful than this or it'll remain a dangerous system toy not a real utility.

8 months ago
5 Works great. I completely restored my system multiple times going from RAID to a single disk and back to a different RAID. I used this for my fileystem data and Grsync for user data. Glad to see this finally in the Software Manager too.

8 months ago
5 Great tool, fairly easy to use, and a good thing to keep your system safe

8 months ago
5 Excellent tool.