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Timeshift is a system restore utility which takes snapshots of the system at regular intervals. These snapshots can be restored at a later date to undo system changes. Creates incremental snapshots using rsync or BTRFS snapshots using BTRFS tools.
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DDOOSS 1 month ago

After installing LINUX Mint, you must first activate Timeshift and set the desired time, This application is used to back up and restore the system. (Think similar to "System Restore" in Windows) If there is a problem with the system,You can revert to the previous operating mode in seconds. I recommend it to anyone using compatible GNU / Linux distributions. It is a time-saving program that makes life easier not only for those who write various programs, but also for everyone who uses GNU / Linux distributions. Every user is obliged to find a solution for their files (backup so restore ). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GR / Μετά την εγκατάσταση του LINUX Mint, η πρώτη σας εργασία είναι να ενεργοποιήσετε το Timeshift και να ορίσετε την επιθυμητή χρονολογία, Αυτή η εφαρμογή χρησιμοποιείται για τη δημιουργία αντιγράφων ασφαλείας και την επαναφορά του συστήματος, (Σκεφτείτε παρόμοια με την "Επαναφορά Συστήματος" στα Windows), Σε περίπτωση προβλήματος στο Σύστημα μπορείτε να επιστρέψετε στην προηγούμενη κατάσταση λειτουργίας σε δευτερόλεπτα, Το προτινω σε οποιονδήποτε που χρησιμοποιεί συμβατές διανομές GNU / Linux, Είναι ένα πρόγραμμα εξοικονόμησης χρόνου που όχι μόνο κάνει τη ζωή πιο εύκολη για όσους γράφουν διάφορα προγράμματα, αλλά και για όλους όσους χρησιμοποιούν διανομές GNU / Linux, Κάθε χρήστης είναι υποχρεωμένος να βρει μια λύση για τα αρχεία του (backup, δηλαδή επαναφορά ).------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TR / LINUX Mint'i kurduktan sonra ilk göreviniz Timeshift'i etkinleştirmek ve istediğiniz zamanı ayarlamaktırb, Bu uygulama, sistemi yedeklemek ve geri yüklemek için kullanılır, (Windows'taki "Sistem Geri Yükleme" ile benzer düşünün), Herhangi bir aksilik durumunda önceki çalışır duruma saniyeler içerisinde geri dönmenizi sağluyor, Uyumlu GNU/Linux dağıtımları kullanan herkese tavsiye ederim, Sadece degisik programlar yazanların değil, GNU/Linux dağıtımlarını kullanan herkesin hayatını kolaylaştıran bir zaman kurtarma programıdır, Her kullanıcı, dosyaları için bir çözüm bulmakla yükümlüdür (yedekleme, yani geri yükleme).------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DE / Nach der Installation von LINUX Mint besteht Ihre erste Aufgabe darin, Timeshift zu aktivieren und die gewünschte Zeit einzustellen. Diese Anwendung wird verwendet, um das System zu sichern und wiederherzustellen. (Denken Sie ähnlich wie "Systemwiederherstellung" in Windows) Wenn ein Problem mit dem System auftritt, Sie können in Sekundenschnelle in den vorherigen Betriebsmodus zurückkehren. Ich empfehle es jedem, der kompatible GNU/Linux-Distributionen verwendet. Es ist ein zeitsparendes Programm, das nicht nur denjenigen, die verschiedene Programme schreiben, das Leben erleichtert, sondern auch allen, die GNU/Linux-Distributionen verwenden. Jeder Benutzer ist verpflichtet, eine Lösung für seine Dateien zu finden (Backup also wiederherstellen ).

Anuj_Tambe 2 months ago

It restored my complete system when apt had some issue!! Highly recommended app!!!

D725 3 months ago

After I clicked the OK button for snapshots in Update Manager, this program promptly created a large enough glob of well hidden files to fill my entire hard disk making the system unbootable. 0 Mb free space. I would prefer that the system not do that to itself by default. Thanks. Update 2021 - reinstalling right now. It filled a hard drive again on a 6 month old install of a newer version of Mint. Hate this program so much. Should not be installed by default. Is profanity allowed here? A few fruity adjectives would sure help to unburden my soul right now. Again, absolutely terrible software.

beitme 3 months ago

Saved me a lot of time. But after the reboot, I had to manually restart cinnamon. For some reason, the desktop was using a Mate interface after the reboot.

johnnykeys 4 months ago

A disgrace, not reccommended. Backup software that doesn't have the functionality to RESTORE TO A DIFFERENT DISK is not really backup software. The programmers of this should just stop, and change careers. This program is a waste of everybodys time. Please, authors of timeshift, stop. Just stop.

evetrov 6 months ago

Ну очень близко кTimemashine на маке. Гуд

Nikour 7 months ago

This program is really good. It gives you the freedom to mess around with your system without having to worry about permanently breaking things.

datorrey 10 months ago

Buggy, badly designed junk, with a years-long history of causing problems. No idea why Mint is still distributing this monstrosity, much less why it's included on the

GNULinux 1 year ago

helps lot when you mess your system and need backup, must for everyone especially beginners who mess there systems a lot in order to learn

craig_janeway 1 year ago

Timeshift is a system restore so you can boot back up. Its defaults should be used that saves a copy of a bootable Linux system. Use a thumb drive to boot that has live CD of mint and use Timeshift to pick and restore an image. Use a backup to the cloud for stuff above the defaults of Timeshift. It's not a backup solution. It's a system only solution for when you can't boot. It's saved my ass many times. Oh, and I have Weekly/Keep 1, and Daily/Keep 2.

lostpoetjj 1 year ago

Use backintime instead. Timeshift stays running in the background even if auto snapshots aren't enabled, and it mounts my removable drive under /run/timeshift even though it is already mounted under /media -- which seems unnecessary and risky. Also it can fill the disk and freeze the system as others have pointed out. Also (unlike backintime) has no interface for easily restoring individual files or directories, so if you want to do that, you have to manually copy them using cp (or nemo if you must). Also, compared to backintime, Timeshift is barely configurable.

madmax95 1 year ago

I have tried twice to restore mint 19.3 with rsync but failed to boot. I tried boot repair but still failed to boot. I give up on this app...

rawaniajay 2 years ago

Must Have Application on every Linux System.

PeterT 2 years ago

It's saved me a few times. I give a $10 donation each time. I have a micro SD reader with a 64G card, so I can go back a long way. A restore takes less than 5 minutes. A VITAL utility. NOTE: you must run it in the background, if you have it open it doesn't take snapshots - this is confusing if you come from Windows. Set it up for timed backups and then check that it is, in fact, taking the backups. Once you understand this you can set up your backup schedule - just check occasionally that it's working and RELAX.

allandacasin 2 years ago

Time shift saved my life. I'm doing website development and one of my wordress sites in localhost screwed up. Thank you to time shift I was able to restore its previous configuration and now its up.

avpimblesr 2 years ago

I used it for a while, but I had to uninstall it. I have little understanding of how it works, so I crashed my system using it. Fortunately, I did not have anything on it that was irreplaceable. I have been using Mint since 17.1, but I have not delved deeply into it, so I have problems completely removing apps I no longer want to use. In Mint 19.x I used Timeshift a few times to take me back to the place before I installed certain apps, and it worked great. However, one day I choose an option that I did not fully understand, and it corrupted Grub so that I could no longer boot into Mint. This forced me to reinstall Mint, disable the warning message that system snapshots were not set up, and uninstall Timeshift. This is definitely not a tool for the uninformed user.

MrFender95 3 years ago

Just saved me from having to redo my Mint 19/Win 10 dual-boot after I mounted my Windows partition to ~, wiping all content in ~ such as music, themes (of which I'd spent a lot of time on customizing), and more. I was unable to unmount it given that the terminal I was using to unmount was active. Am very glad I set up a backup schedule when first installing! Will recommend!

uberdonkey 3 years ago

if using standard (ext4) filesystem rather than BTRFS you'll see that it takes large chunks of your hard drive. If not careful it will fill your disk space, requiring you to delete items to make your system useable again. Also, trying to delete these saved timestamps can be problematic as they still take diskspace when deleted: effectively a good way to waste large chunks of your harddisk for nothing. A good idea, with some use, but in general I would avoid until they solve problem with inability to clear disk space taken up by deleted timestamps and the potential to crash your system when timestamps fill HD (best alternative is to save timestamps to external HD that you can reformat if problems).

MeadeBaron 3 years ago

Timeshift made it virtually impossible for me to recover my data, by eating up all of the remaining free disk space. Not an intelligent app.

tacsago 3 years ago

Recommanded Utility. It is very Cool. Thx..