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"It's slower than firefox or any chromium based web browser. It's adblocker is almost useless. You can't have any extensions. Sometimes my entire computer froze because I was trying to watch a video using gnome web. There are artifacts and glitches here and there and you don't have many options and functions. But even with all of that gnome web still has a lot of things that it does right and better than any other web browser. It's very simple and minimal, looks great and natural on gnome desktop. Has a very handy way of managing all the permissions per each website. It's free and open source, based on webkit and not chromium which is good for the market. If you only need a simple and pretty web browser for browsing simple not-bloated web pages, and you don't consume a lot of video media - it will work great for you. I have a faith in it, we need more web browser diversity and more competition to have something apart from huge bloated systems."