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Epiphany is a simple yet powerful GNOME web browser targeted at non-technical users. Its principles are simplicity and standards compliance.

Simplicity is achieved by a well designed user interface and reliance on external applications for performing external tasks (such as reading email). Simplicity does not mean less features; Epiphany has everything a modern web browser is expected to have.

Standards compliance is achieved on the HTML side by using the WebKitGTK+ rendering engine (which is based on the engine used by Apple Safari and Google Chrome); and on the user interface side by closely following the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) and by close integration with the GNOME desktop.
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Portreve 3 months ago

This program definitely needs some work. Fonts really don't render as well as in Firefox, Chrome/Chromium, or even Edge. It does not scroll smoothly and, as others have written in previous reviews, it is very slow to load web pages and has no home button. I'd really love to see this browser brought up to parity with the others since I'm a big fan of competition and not a big fan at all of monopolies or hegemonies.

barryedmiston 5 months ago

I was looking for a lightweight browser to isolate the Faceborg/Whatsapp from other browsing activity, and Web/Epiphany is perfect. It tends to crash if I forget and wander into other sites, which is a good thing: focus!

FelixTemari 6 months ago

It's slower than firefox or any chromium based web browser. It's adblocker is almost useless. You can't have any extensions. Sometimes my entire computer froze because I was trying to watch a video using gnome web. There are artifacts and glitches here and there and you don't have many options and functions. But even with all of that gnome web still has a lot of things that it does right and better than any other web browser. It's very simple and minimal, looks great and natural on gnome desktop. Has a very handy way of managing all the permissions per each website. It's free and open source, based on webkit and not chromium which is good for the market. If you only need a simple and pretty web browser for browsing simple not-bloated web pages, and you don't consume a lot of video media - it will work great for you. I have a faith in it, we need more web browser diversity and more competition to have something apart from huge bloated systems.

deontay3579 6 months ago

No home button.

Mint-Account 9 months ago

Taking down one point, tried to use after a while again and it is not able to open some pages, i get "oops" message. Still liking it.

tpcs 2 years ago

1. It's SLOWER than both chrome browser and firefox overall in the following sites, google.com, duckduckgo.com, youtube.com, newegg.com, ebay.com, amazon.com, forums.linuxmint.com. 2. no extensions= limited. What is this....the 90's internet browsers again?

murdock311 2 years ago

Doesn't have a menu bar or EVEN A HOME BUTTON! Among the most useless browsers I've ever seen!

nytrz 2 years ago

If your looking for getting away from mainstream browsers this works for me . Have not found anything yet it will not do for me. Security is the only thing I question, but I question that on mainstream browsers.

rahmasnr 2 years ago

I realy like it. It is light and nice-looking. But, unfortunately I cannot play youtube videos here.

pcfan5 2 years ago

Completly useful under linux mint 19.3 xfce. Get stucked.

PlazmaKG 3 years ago

Epiphany is a brower that is completely FOSS, unique, and cool. However it really needs a solution like uBlock Origin, uMatrix, blocking third party cookies, etc. to help people protect their privacy online. I'd reccommend Firefox if you want to better protect your online privacy. Also, this is my opinion with every CSD app, but, the devs should really add an option to turn CSD off for non-Gnome desktops.

AlC-Cville 3 years ago

doesn't have means of looking for . directories for import of bookmarks, so cannot find any. Effectively useless.

VGDESIGN 3 years ago

A good and simple Browser for internet surfing.

rawaniajay 4 years ago

Great Browser For Internet Surfing.I Use Vivaldi For Heavy Tasks.

Xeropero 4 years ago

Why is Epiphany-Browser a must have in my opinion? It is the best solution for presentations and quick tasks, in a matter of seconds. This browser is excellent as a 2nd browser, i use Vivaldi as my main (personal), and honestly Epiphany even looks so beautiful with Cinnamon, the GUI is really crisp and it is very well-responsive.

black_rambo 5 years ago

really love it. was using chromium, noticed comp would run hot, dont' know why. with epiphany browser pages seem to load faster and overall easy to use. sure it is not great ui, but for how well it works, i am happy

MichaelB1953 5 years ago

Would not import the exported bookmarks of Firefox; some pages would load, others not. Tried adjusting all available settings in preferences to no avail. Removed. LM18.2 Mate.

Rafy 5 years ago

Avec mon vieu netbook j'ai testé tout les navigateur disponible dans la

ClaytonOz 7 years ago

Honestly? Too dumbed-down for me... Fx (Nightly) for main use + Fifth browser for ultra-light + Chromium in case those fail, are much better imho...

linuxero 7 years ago

A very little, lightweight & fast (faster than midori & firefox) browser for gnome users. I like it, but some good features missing - better clean history (clean for browsers, cache, cookies...), manger cookies, fast cards etc.