2022-12-02 11:16:02

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"Honestly, I would give it 5 for ease of use and utility. This program is easier to use than Libre-Calc by a long shot, and just a notch below Excel. BUT and unfortunately it is a very big but! BUT it crashes and wipes all data in spreadsheet/document while still keeping the actual file and gives no possible way to recover information. When searching like a mad woman for fixes basically the reply from Onlyoffice was a hard shrug and no fixes or apologies and no desires to fix the problem for future use. Due to this insanity I can't recommend it to anyone, ever. I lost 2 months of spread-sheeting because I assumed it was a decent program. Excel offers many idiot proof ways to recover lost files/information from various save points, OnlyOffice does not. Garbage! I just used it at home, but imagine trying to sell this product to a professional or a company! HA! will never use again."