Office productivity suite
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Create, view and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations of any size and complexity. Work on documents of most popular formats: DOCX, ODT, XLSX, ODS, CSV, PPTX, ODP, etc. Deal with multiple files within one and the same window thanks to the tab-based user interface.
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SergeantBL 3 months ago

It's better than Libre Office. Since version 7.0 it's a fantastic office suite. Every update has useful improvements and new features.

Luh_Maths 3 months ago

OnlyOffice has a very efficient and pleasant layout, but it still has compatibility issues with .docx files. I tried to open a file in which it contained tables and that table changed location in such a way that it was not possible to reposition. If the table were repositioned, there would be a loss in the margin and the other tables in the file would be out of place. This error happened when opening a Libre Office .docx file.

MogekoAttack 4 months ago

Es la mejor aplicación de ofimatica en Linux. Super compatible, bonita, completa y super recomendable.

nelsonmandela 5 months ago

maravilhoso e facil de usar

joshontech 6 months ago

Onlyoffice has totally replaced LibreOffice for me. It not only looks better but it functions better as well. The compatibility with Microsoft Office is unparalleled. The theme is the only thing I would change about this application. The theme needs to be just a little darker and the ability to change the title bar minimize, full screen, and close buttons.

Haggen88 8 months ago

The best replacement for MS Office that I have found to date. It has a familiar and intuitive interface.

niltongmedeiros 1 year ago

O melhor office que já testei para substituir o MS 365 com arquivos na nuvem MS OneDrive

jonmarx 2 years ago

I was using this on Ubuntu, and it worked really well. I used desktopeditors --force-scale=2 to change the UI to a scale more suitable for HiDPI monitors. However, that doesn't work on LM20 for me, and nor does right clicking on a doc to open in OnlyOffice. Maybe it's because on LM it's the Flatpack version, and on Ubuntu it's the Snap version.

lsallen 2 years ago

1) Cannot change the look (get rid of that righthand pane) 2) Cannot associate file types. 3) Even when you select a file and right-click "Open With", it opens a blank new file and not the selected file. Did anyone test this before releasing it? Looks pretty though.

carlosfrancoba 2 years ago

This is the best office suite for Linux users. AWESOME!

dwhittacre 2 years ago

If you need a lite office package which provides the basics (word processor, spreadsheets, and presentations), Only Office is for you. I love that it is available across multiple platforms, has robust tools, and saves files in all the major formats for compatability. Go for it!