United States

Semi-retired, overpaid software developer.  I worked for an oil company doing

software development supporting long range planning efforts integrating them with

shorter term operating budgets.  

Later worked on optimization of refinery/terminal supply via pipeline/exchange 

scheduling of finished products (motor fuels).  

OSs: Started with MVS/TSO on to VM/CMS along with OS/2, MS Windows, and unix.  

Retired to some consulting and grew tired of the piracy and closed  

architecture of M$ and moved to linux, first wtih Ubuntu 5.10 thru 11.04.  

11.04 and future direction of Ubuntu caused me to migrate to Linux Mint 11.  

Languages Used: Fortran, cobol , 4GLs: Simplan, IFPS, EIS (defunct Boeing product),

rexx, SAS (Statistical Analysis System).

I used and use rexx on all the platforms mentioned above and still use it on linux as

a scripting language for things like cron jobs , toggling settings like volume (mute on/off),

and for macros used with The Hessling Editor, THE, an open source, multi platform

editor based on IBM's system product xedit.

You may gather from all this that like Jerry Jeff Walker I am "too old to change".  

I wish I had started with unix 25 years ago.

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