Austria...born there.

Living in Hawaii, 17 years already, running continuous selftest on brainfunctions, that is what Hawaii will do to you.

No outlet for healthy brain activity, understimulated

Thats the status as of today

Maybe that's why I install Distros, quite a few already, lost count.

Katya gave me no problems, good girl. implemented everything I wanted to ....then I went to LMDE AMD64 ...Also no problem getting everything installed and working, Pack 3 gave me initial problem with a broken pipe, but I fixed that (thanks, bing, thanks Mint community)

You guys at LM , you have some sharp cookies up gave away all the codecs and that, I believe, did it to put you to the top. Of course Hardware functionality is the other item where LM is tops.

you left Ubuntu behind..that took some doing, then again, I am not sure how competitive the Distro Arena really is, and what motivates you folks to even grab the bull by the balls and put a new distro  together. Look what happened to Xandros, a few years ago big news, but where are they today. So, in the absence of BIG MONEY what is it? (I am into alternatives, all the way. Haven't been to the gas station in 5 years thanks to biodiesel made in our tiny coop)

The next thing that would make a splash in the distro world is to work out the internet movie streaming , to get all the Netflix junkies on board (take that back, Netflix and the others have great foreign and historic movies that are hard to come by) I'll try that next. If it works for me I WILL SHARE THIS WITH YOU promise.

That's all for now, visitors and comments are appreciated


























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"add images LET HER RIP! a little trial and error and you will want a large format printer"