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Born in Reus (Catalonia) in 1971, I am a computer fan since 1986, using MS-DOS and BASIC. I have been living in Barcelona since 1982 until 2014, now I live in Salou. In my passport say "Spain" but for me, Catalonia is my Country (placed near the Pirinees mountains, like an smaller country, Andorra, and sharing the same official language, catalan).

I began to work as RPG-II developer endindg 1989, and I also learned Cobol.

In the 90’s learned a little bit of C, C++ & Visual C++, but used more Clipper and Visual Basic and from 1999 to 2002, I began to discover that I was more comfortable and useful doing another ITC rolls instead of programing / developing.

Another reason because I prefer HelpDesk, SysAdmin and another ITC rolls since 2001 is that in that year I discover how many different OS’s exist (it was my first contact with Linux, but SUSE 7.3 didn’t fit enough with me). Also since 2001 I build all my own computers.

I had the opportunity to “rediscover Linux” in 2007. In that year I began to use Debian 4 “etch” and, since then, I have been learning, trying and loving dozens  of very different distros (including CEntOS and OpenSUSE) but specially the Debian derivative distros (Knoppix, Ubuntu, Raspbian ... etc).

I use and love different Linux Mint editions since 2009.

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"I love the possibility to add extensions with and the freedom to use it in the most common languages and OS's. Thats why is the best web browser, for me. /// \\\ M'encanta la possibilitat d'afegir extensions i la llibertat de poder fer-lo servir en tots els idiomes i S.O.'s mes comuns. Per això es el millor navegador web, per mi."