mrev mrev
United States
2012-08-25 04:46:56

early retired because of health which really sucks because i had perfect health intill 

 anyhow now here in my mancave apt i call ""thecave""  i spend time researching and finally taking the time to learn the computer i hate windows so when i tried linux i found the perfect system i just had to learn it and understand the logic behind the people who work  on the linux many systems so i undertand what i can do  with linux

 it amazes me how great linux is  and how easy most of the stuff in it are to use and or learn. without needing to learn programming or code

after 3 weeks of having linuxmint13 mounted parrell on my mid age computer i made the comitment and tossed the old windows vista to the curb and then i put in ubuntu12.04 for the whole computer and love it. From rapid page flicking to  a few youtubes vidio going at the same time on multiple ones parked ready while one plays------- while at the same time i am listening to that youtube video i can play farmville or others like that with a different browser

  keep it up linux teams  your the greatist !!

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gateway gm5424
2wire Other, Works perfectly
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"ubunto tweak is really working great"