Bonfire Mars Bonfire
MATE Edition
2012-07-07 13:27:29

I am a retired, old. pipe-smoking fart who spent 38 years too long with IBM before deciding there were better things to do than manage a large programming group.  My biggest love in life is my terriffic best friend who is also my wife of 39 years, our 3 children, and our 7 grand children.  I am also very fond of hiking in the bush, bird watching, photography and listening to great music from a wide spectrum of genres on a killer audio system that is worth more than my patient wife approved of - but shae can't admit that she loves listening to it!

I have been using Mint since Felicia but have never bothered to register as a Mint-er until this LTS version 13 'Maya'.  I am a quiet fellow who probably will not contribute as much as I will learn by reading other peoples posts as there is little need for the experoences I have behind me as they are rather historic in nature. 

As far as electronic machinery goes, my current beast of burden is a new ASUS G74SX 'Republic of Gamers' Notebook. With 16GB of zippity-doo-dah, i7 Quad Core CPUs, an 2GB Nvidia GTX 560M GPU to bring HD 1920x1080 to a 17.3" screen, and a split 500 GB Sata III HDD that Mint 13 (64) shares with six other operating systems,  including GhostBSD (64), Windows 7.1 (64), the freakily-forked and fun KahelOS (32), the smartly crafted SolusOS 'Eveline' (64), the Aussie Fedora spin Kororaa 17 (64), and the gorgeous French OS known as HYBRYDE 'Evolution' 1 (32).  Now before you declare me to be certifiably looney, I must say in my defence that I have done this for several years and for a very good reason - namely I spend each day of the week dedicated to learning and working with a hand-picked OS - some virtually unknown and quite brilliant compared to the onslaught of Debian/Ubuntu 'spins' that the Linux landscape seems to becoming buried under more deeply with each passing year.  It is also a good feeling when one can get widely disparate OS' to play nice together while all are made to acess, read and write documents, etc., to a series of NTFS partitions as well as NTFS USB 2.0 and 3.0 HDDs.

I am tired of writing now, so off to bed.


Mr. J. Mars Bonfire

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"To those who worry about heavy CPU draw maybe your box is a little over the hill. This is ONE VERY GOOD APP! And along with the unknown 'Thoggen' are the very best, No-Sweat-There's-So-Little-To-Set DVD Rippers in Linuxdom."
"Kicks butt for those who want to record an entire disc flawlessly, and have neither the time or knowledge to play 100 Questions with Acid Rip, DVD:Rip or Handbrake"