mideal Thank god I'm a Bright.

Born 1964, male, married, mad & dad

Consulting professional since 1994 (99% mainframe)

Oh, yes, I'm German, and I speak Dutch quite well, too.

Switched to Fedora 2009 (with an unhappy rest of XP for special VPN purposes); after a deadly upgrade which killed my installation I chose Ubuntu with Gnome.

Could not get a friendly connection to Unity when it came out of hell, so switched to Xubuntu on my PC, which nearly didn't work at all on my wifes EeePC (see my first idea here).

To reduce maintainance and knowledge/learning overhead I now installed Mint Nadia Mate 32bit on an Asus 1005PE and a 1205PA and Olivia Mate 64bit on my Thinkpad T500. (Update: 19.1 on the EeePCs, 32Bit Mate now on the 1205PA), T500 runs 18/Sarah 64). My Yoga 910 13ISK runs 64Bit Cinnamon 19.1 Tessa.

In the meantime I only have a lame rest of XP installed, as VirtualBox with Win XP Home offers a more stable and fast (!) environment for my Fortinet VPN client (with only 1GB memory and 1 of 2 processors!), no reboot is required to switch OSs and you can surf with Linux while running a VPN on Windows- cool!

I repleaced the 250GB drive of my Thinkpad by a 1TB disk. Nice to see how easy a copy from one to the other is with partmagic, and that Linux works instantly without any flaws - okay, Windows needed three consecutive boots to find hal.dll IS working:-))

If you like randomly arranged audio CDs, I made a script for that (in my blog).

I changed some parts of the German MATE (marco) keyboard shortcuts (in, it's quite easy, I made an easy script for that, too, (-> blog).

With Petra I had to switch to Cinnamon, because Mate started but didn't show the panel and I had no clue to make it run correctly. I changed the keyboard shortcuts here, too, while here it's the, but the same procedure.

Running Rebecca in the meantime and love the Nemo file operations stack!

Running Sarah now (killed my grub, installed 18 right across 17.3 - no probems, easily install all my additional programs by a manual list).

More to follow...


If I offer you my help, ....

If I offer you my translation capacities to German, ....

If I offer you my screenshots, ....


Then would you starve without me?




You can bet I say that to all the guys.....wink


Visit my (sorry, German) blog:


I speak English - ich spreche deutsch - ik sprek nederlands !

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