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A CD ripper for GNOME which aims to have a simple, clean, easy to use interface.

The package includes support by default for Vorbis and FLAC formats. For other supports you need the following packages:
* gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly to encode to MP2,
* gstreamer1.0-lame (not available in the Debian archive) to encode
to MP3,
* gstreamer1.0-plugins-really-bad (not available in Debian) to encode
to AAC.
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paolo 4 months ago

It doesn't allow the user to change the mp3 settings i.e. bitrate

Medina 8 months ago

Seria excelente, se proporcionasse mais opções de configuração para extração. Ele obtem as TAGs do MusicBrainz. Tem função de abrir a pasta automaticamente do arquivo extraído. Tem função de ejetar o CD após extração. É possível personalizar em qual pasta se quer extrair. É possível definir a ordem do nome do arqivo extraído (número da faixa-título, etc.) . Para extração em MP3, só tem opção padrão "Joint Stereo" e só consegui extrair uma faixa para MP3 no máximo com 160 kb/s, quando na verdade, gostaria que fosse 320 kb/s. Os tipos de formatos de saída que vejo aqui são: MP3, OGG (Opus ou Vorbis), FLAC e m4a.

pcfan5 1 year ago

Doesn't find my CD unit.

Onsl 2 years ago

Very simplistic but missing rip quality settings

dsrini-open 4 years ago

Does the work of cd ripping. Configuration could have been intuitive. Additionally, would recommend adding mp3 properties such as rip quality etc.

mani-b 5 years ago

Nicht schlecht, doch wäre z.B. ein Regler zum Einstellen der Bitrate vorteilhaft.

mideal 6 years ago

Stops/crashes after first track of a CD after a fresh start. Works fine after restarting. That's more funny than annoying, I now first rip one file, then the rest èn bloc.

angelgs 6 years ago

Very simple to use but it lacks some essentials options for encoding and tagging

Hammer459 7 years ago

Too simple, you get the default settings and quality. Period.

josefg 7 years ago

Neat tool for getting FLAC files from my audio CDs.

nissimnanach 7 years ago

Does not support adusting Quality

gothicpreston 7 years ago

Ok, ok! I know CDs are a media relic from the 80's, but some of us still buy them and "own" our music collection we need awesome apps like this to get pull the stuff into our digital collection. Another essential install on every box I own.

bkv1958 7 years ago

would like 2-character track numbers in file names

isomage 7 years ago

Asunder is better

BLKBRDSR71 8 years ago

Rips good

pfreris 8 years ago

like it!

djm256 8 years ago

Simple app that does what it says on the tin. However the configuration is too lacking for my purposes so I've looked elsewhere.

Mathew-Moore 8 years ago

It's a nice application when setup

windumb 8 years ago

little great tool. uncomplicated backups for your favorite tunes. awesome ogg output

powerhouse 8 years ago

I used sound-juicer to rip my CD collection, some 1400 CDs, all to flac. It's a nice application, but unfortunately only uses MusicBrainz for CD identification. In many cases it couldn't identify the CD so I had to use EasyTag to add the artists and track info/tags. It should at least support freedb in addition to MusicBrainz. Otherwise it works nicely.