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2014-12-05 03:16:27

I am an IT Professional and have been within the IT arena for over 20 years, with a passion for technology, education and training.

I like to write tutorials, when time permits, and spend lengthy periods of time researching information to collate into simple, source-able, manageable, easily readable and understandable structures that I believe are for all levels of people.

I have been a trainer for over 15 years, and have training experience in, Information Technology, Medical, Transport, Warehousing, Logistics and Compliance.

I re-write material honestly, either from the ground up or sourced by many alternate avenues, and always give credit to those who own, deserve, or have the rights to the material I work with.

I have included my tutorial policy, for all to view as I feel it is important for people to understand that if I have over stepped my boundaries, I wish to be informed so I can correct issues promptly.  The paragraph below will always be included in any writings I post.

Note: I do not accept any credit for any of the section that I have sourced from others in any of my tutorials.
I have only included the information as extracts for the purpose of simplicity, and to hopefully assist others from the lengthy "Googling" I had to do to collect the information I used to solve my issues, and as in most cases I was having lots of problems trying to access some of these websites for various reasons,
(ie: site no longer available, not stable, corrupted links, etc), or just plagued with various issues in general.

So I thought it would make more sense to hold this information in one place..

If there are any objections or issues with having this as part of the tutorials, I will gladly remove it.

Thank you

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