Artificial life and evolution simulator
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Achilles is an artificial life and evolution simulator that uses Hebbian neural networks and OpenGL/SDL to simulate life in a simplified environment. It is based on Larry Yaeger's PolyWorld.
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DreamAndDead 6 years ago

It's too simple and looks not good : (

linux1492 10 years ago

O.k. I believe one can just watch this simulation. Also I found the following explaination what the tool is doing:"Achilles is an evolution simulation based on Larry Yaeger's PolyWorld. It uses Hebbian neural networks, and an extremely simplified physical model that allows virtual organisms to interact freely in a simulated environment. Achilles was designed and compiled originally on Linux, but it is completely composed of portable C++ code and uses only portable libs such as SDL and OpenGL, therefore it should be trivial to port. All that is needed is hardware to compile on. Any porting efforts that are in progress or successful are welcome to contribute patches back to the main source tree. What do the colors mean? The organism colors: The brighter red, the more aggressive The brighter blue, the more likely to mate Yellow indicates `dead' organisms, or sources of food The spikes that flash between the organisms: Red means attack Blue means mate Yellow means feeding The organisms are given the color of surrounding organisms as an input to the neural network. This emulates 'vision'. Size is an attribute of the genetic algorithms and thus each organism obtains its dimensions from its parents. Requirements: · an OpenGL implementation · GLU and GLUT · Simple Directmedia Layer"

Shostako 11 years ago

Really, a very strange simulator. The camera moves with the arrows keys and Page Up and Down buttons.