Handy off-line thesaurus based on WordNet
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Artha is a off-line English thesaurus with distinct features like: * hot-key press word look-up (select text on any window and press a preset hot-key for look-up) * regular expressions based search (broaden search using wild-cards like *, ?, etc.) * passive desktop notifications (of word definitions for uninterrupted work-flow) * spelling suggestions (when the exact spelling is vague/not known)

Once launched, it monitors for a preset hot-key combination. When some text is selected on any window and the hot-key is pressed, it pops-up with the word looked-up. Should the user prefer passive notifications, this can be done by enabling the notifications option.

When the term looked for is vague/not known, then either the search can be broadened with the use of regular expressions (*, ?, etc.) in the search string or spelling suggestions when a term is incorrect.

For regular expressions based search to work, wordnet-sense-index package is required.
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caltrop4 1 year ago

not real good with definitions, not what I would call a dictionary

rawaniajay 4 years ago

Best minimal dictionary in Linux!

Poetician 4 years ago

Works great, the hotkey feature is appreciated. It's default colors as I've setup my system makes the text impossible to read without highlighting. It would be fantastic is there was a preferences setting for that.

danielroberts 5 years ago

Very easy to use

alancwhiteman 5 years ago

Artha is one of those essential utility desktop apps that I rely on. I wish it could be included in the Mint default apps.

Vasilis_K 6 years ago

The hot-key feature works whenever it feels like it in Mint 18.2...

pygmalion 6 years ago

The function that will define words when the hot key is pressed is so impressive. If only it had a pronunciation function it wpuld fave been perfect.

zboraon 7 years ago

I think, it is the best.

saad666 8 years ago

Amazing! Better than wordweb

shevans 8 years ago

Best dictionary and thesaurus in my opinion for linux, easy to use but is missing word prenouncation that would make it excellent.

prefersummer2 8 years ago

The best thing about it is you can have it start at startup and then whenever you meet a word you don't know, just select it - in any application, and press the hotkey combination (Control + Alt + W by default) - and you get an adequate definition.

marfig 8 years ago

Love it! So useful, I'm want yo marry it. Just wished there was an option to make notifications transient.

nhmarshall 8 years ago

Works fine, though I wish there were an unabridged dictionary available for linux users.

nuxtux 9 years ago

It's easy to use and it's practical. Works Great!

Katsuyori 9 years ago

I just love it! Simple, fast, powerful, handy. ^_^

jahid_0903014 9 years ago


prabhatjn 9 years ago

So smooth!

Medrado 9 years ago


AshutoshKale 9 years ago

Awesome !!! Very usefull

Saddletramp 10 years ago

Excellent dictionary. Simple, rich, best graphical view.