Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer
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Blender is an integrated 3d suite for modelling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback (games). Blender has its own particular user interface, which is implemented entirely in OpenGL and designed with speed in mind. Python bindings are available for scripting; import/export features for popular file formats like 3D Studio and Wavefront Obj are implemented as scripts by the community. Stills, animations, models for games or other third party engines and interactive content in the form of a standalone binary are common products of Blender use.
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metalshark 1 week ago

The version in here was 2.793b while on the blender website it was already 2.81a.

Khyze 2 weeks ago

(I was scared because the example screenshot is from a really old version) Can't believe is in Linux too! and easy to install, I quickly tested it and it seems faster than the previous OS (W7 64Bits, same laptop)

phong7 1 month ago

i use this for editing videos. Creating and texturing mesh objects and then animating the objects. Blender is Awesome.

Gamecontroller 2 months ago

Please do NOT remove this! this is my favorite version of blender and i cannot run 2.8 yet because i have an old PC.

phoinx 3 months ago

Perfect! A complete suite for everything graphic!

vladius 3 months ago

It's Blender..

phil995511 7 months ago

Excellent software

Axelaredz 7 months ago

My favorite 2D\3D modeling software. And.. tada new game engine with Armory3D^ ^

EngineerEagan 8 months ago

Ugh... (I hate to say it)Works great on Win10 at work, but on Linux aparently my graphics card is too low, though I have the exact same laptop at home. oh well

Ephata 9 months ago

C'est incroyable d'avoir un logiciel pro open source! Je m'en sert à la fac. Merci!

super-seo-master 9 months ago

My favorite 3D modeling software. I use it for i small game i'm creating.

piark 10 months ago

helpfull for many cases, but, are you sure the software preview is updated on the package manager ? because the capture looks like an very old version of blender.

rawaniajay 10 months ago

Awesome !

LSEM 11 months ago

i like it because there is a big community, and a lot of tutorial on youtube. but it is not that easy to learn.

leenux42 1 year ago

I could't get Cuda to work with this version. But it worked when i downloaded it from

dener3id 1 year ago

Useless several addons are broken, not the case in the app off

Kulla 1 year ago

Das Programm hat eine erstaunliche Entwicklung hingelegt und ist sowohl vom Funktionsumfang, wie auch von der Nutzerfreunlichekeit her immens gewachsen! Es gibt zwar den "blender effekt", der besagt, dass man von der UI abgestoßen wird, aber wenn man sich aufrappelt, lernt man ein wirklich universelles und professionelles Programm!

Alt_Gr 2 years ago

Super! L'interface est impressionante ... Passer cette

egetun 2 years ago

this is the best 3d modeling and animating application for game designing. but this version isn't up-to-date!

V_V_V 2 years ago

Awesome 3d editor and more. To bad it's not the latest version.