Graphical front-end for ClamAV
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ClamTk is a graphical front-end for Clam Antivirus.

It is designed to be an easy-to-use, lightweight, on-demand antivirus scanner for Linux systems.

Context menu support for KDE's Plasma Desktop (Dolphin file manager) and Nemo and Thunar sendto is included. Context menu support for GNOME (Nautilus file manager), but due to additional dependencies required, it is in a separate package: clamtk-gnome.
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bajosega 10 months ago

Muy bien Esta interface si que funciona !! . aunque la imagen de aqui no es representativa.

norse 10 months ago

Does not schedule, does not update, does not scan, I don't know what it actually does.

Elder2000 1 year ago

Excelente antivirus para analizar unidades, pero no tiene scan en tiempo real o para seleccionar la memoria del sistema, ideal para buscar malware en los archivos cuando otras soluciones no funcionan o el pc anda mal, como opcion de respaldo. Muy buen antivirus, desactivar la opcion de pup (potentially unwanted program, programas no deseados), para evitar demasiados falsos positivos, como activar las otras opciones para un mejor analisis. El analisis lleva mucho tiempo, pero se obtiene buenos resultados.Obten la ultima version /6.02/, bajandote el paquete de instalacion para Debian/Ubuntu desde la pagina web, link *get the last version here*

mf675913 2 years ago

I have only been using ClamTK for about a month. Seems to be working fine. Current version as of 11/09/2019 is Version 6.02 dated 20190919. GUI frontend has changed, too.

rawaniajay 2 years ago

Good Virus Scanner for peace of mind!

phil995511 2 years ago

Good software

TrumblebumSky 3 years ago

The version available through the command line install interface is ClamTk 5.20" - the version through this softwre installation manager is 5.20-1. The AV manager is clunky but effective enough. The developer (Dave M and Tor D) maintain a github page where more recent versions (such as 5.25) reside but it seems that the main development system died and there is no ongoing work on the system as of May 2018.

alex233376 4 years ago

Не смог найти ярлык в меню после установки

Knezev87 4 years ago

Ne znam koliko je bitan za Linux, ali radi odlično

pcfan5 4 years ago

for the latest version go

Comptech22 4 years ago

Go to the official website and dload the latest for best results.

Anonymous337 4 years ago

Impossible de mettre à jour !!

eyuri2014 4 years ago

installed yesterday, as far everything works fine, wish to be more interactive with more info about updates version and date.

wenderly 5 years ago


eniac 5 years ago

Out of date software. The version is 0.98.7 and the recommended version is 0.99.1. Although threre are not many linux viruses in the wild, it is respectful to the community to ensure that you don't spread viruses, even if they are for Windows.

moretocome 6 years ago

Please update :)

Fortify 6 years ago

Doesn't work.

Axel_Wintermann 6 years ago


thorneo 6 years ago

glad to have some kind of AV program for linux..

Klingomat 6 years ago

Leider veraltet