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"Installed by command line interface very easily, and ran well. I also installed a separate GUI and that was fine (ClamTk) but the command line is compeletely servisable. The installaiton was easy, I found remembering the commands to run and check to be hard to remember, but how hard is it to remember "clamscan --help" ?"
"The version available through the command line install interface is ClamTk 5.20" - the version through this softwre installation manager is 5.20-1. The AV manager is clunky but effective enough. The developer (Dave M and Tor D) maintain a github page where more recent versions (such as 5.25) reside but it seems that the main development system died and there is no ongoing work on the system as of May 2018."
"Worked better than the basic backup provided by Linux Mint's default installation - which failed to backup or even indicate a capacity to backup. This worked well and moved 26GB in 44 min over a standard USB hub connected to an external linked drive"
"Unable to access any media. Media dependancies are absent. This version 0.14 is from 2007 (I think) and the current version is 1.16 according to the google group supporting Flowblade. Kinda need to find out how to update this version."
"This installed perfectly I think, but did not install the webserver software required to use the program. I found the source code is available and can be installed, but the website is now a placeholder. There are some websites and youtube videos showing how to use RedMine that are helpful, and they will also cover how to install the webserver on your linux mint or linux ubunty system as well. There is a lack of support from the originators of RedMine and this is confusing to me. Have found another fork or replacement to redmine called "EasyRedMine" which seems to be a very well supported pay to use licenced version which I suggest people explore. Date of Comment - Dec 2017"
"This is at text based project management tool and successful users adapt well to the programming like interface. The development has been ongoning since launch in 2006 until the time of writing (2017) and shows continual refinement. This is not a graphical system. The community using it love it. Estimage 2 weeks to become proficient with reading and understanding of the manual. There is active userbase good support online. You will need to think like an engineer."
"reinstalled, trying to find configuration scripts"
"Installed to try to gain access to a difficult (near impossible) android phone which seems to be undetectable under linux mint 18 ... so, I cannot say if it worked or not for others, just not for me."
"I have not been able to mount and access my iPhone since a recent iPhone OS upgrade. There is no discussion of this issue in the forums. I think the error is going to remain quietly anoying until some Savante fixes it. I've been looking and no solutions found."