Microsoft Teams for Linux is your chat-centered workspace in Office 365
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All your team conversations, files, meetings, and apps live together in a single shared workspace. This app requires a paid Office 365 commercial subscription, or a free or trial subscription of Microsoft Teams. If you’re not sure about your company’s subscription or the services you have access to, visit to learn more or contact your IT department.

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ardor 8 months ago

My firm has adopted MS Teams and I have been accessing my MS Teams work account via web browser in Linux. This standalone MS Teams software for Linux works as expected. The software claims to offer a better experience than running via browser, something I haven't been able to confirm, and as of now I see no big advantage of running the standalone software rather than running via the web browser.

Pacoramix 8 months ago

Es para cuenta profesional o escolar, como dicen en otras reseña. No lo he podido probar más.

dave1775 10 months ago

Doesn't actually work unless you have a business (paid) account. It'll let you install it, and demand your phone number, before it tells you it's useless though.

glifik 10 months ago

Does not work with a personal account. Only works with school- or work accounts.

JEOII 10 months ago

If you are not a subscriber of MSTeams and need to attend a Teams meeting, use Chromium instead as you need an account for the client.

premier69 1 year ago

This version of Teams only supports work or school accounts managed by an organization.

j05uef6d 1 year ago

Worked perfectly for an improptu job interview. Awsome!.. Using an HP pavillion 10 Years old and logitech 720p camera.

linalunera1 1 year ago

Hi, anyone knows why the camera isn't recognice for the desktop app. Thanks

cieggi 1 year ago

It works fine. It's like a browser for the Web version, but it has the notifications and the tray icon. It works fine for chatting, I've not tested the

scalpa 1 year ago

Of course it's not perfect, there are features missing, but I'm happy it works on Linux. Better this than nothing at all, which was the case a short time ago.

ocor61 1 year ago

This is terrible. Do not download and install it, if you do not absolutely have to. This is not Microsoft bashing, it is the ugly truth. The app could not even find my Pictures folder to let me upload my avatar.I don't mean it would not open my Pictures folder, I mean it could not even find it. Run! Avoid it like the plague.

bess 1 year ago

It takes a little less RAM than windows version (more than 1GB) and works exactly the same. I had no problems with cam or mic even on bluetooth. I use it often and i'm too lazy to keep teams open at navigator, so its fine.

vovven 1 year ago

It eats all my ram, better off running it as a web app with firefox it only consumes 596 KiB :)

Zagaz 2 years ago

It's working fine, Linux Mint 20. - It consumes lots of RAM, but I have no choice, that's the officcial tool my university uses.

bespecke 2 years ago

Great that teams is available on Linux. But sad that it lacks important features and is quite slow (e.g. switching between Chatrooms) and needs alot of RAM.

raul-xag 2 years ago

consumes something around 1GB of RAM. I don't see the point.

speltriao 2 years ago

It works very well on Linux Mint 20. It's great that's avaliable on Linux, because it's important on corporate environment.