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Slack offers chat rooms organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging capabilities to facilitate conversation and help your team get things done. All content inside Slack is searchable, including files, conversations, and people, so it's easy to stay organized. Integration with several third-party services allows use of their features directly within your Slack discussions.

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mdorfin 3 months ago

Почти нормально, но не работает загрузка файлов, пользуйтесь официальным *.deb пакетом.

astrojuanlu 7 months ago

Works decently, but file upload is quite broken: you don't have access to the whole filesystem, just to a few home directories. Copy-pasting images is broken too. Never had these problems with the official installers, will stop using this Flatpack for a while.

biker95 8 months ago

Не работает авторизация по e-mail

Erebus_Oneiros 1 year ago

works great

CMoelleux 1 year ago

had a trouble connecting through browser and I had to link browser to app in /var/lib/flatpak/app/com.slack.Slack/current/[***]/files/bin/slack Afer that all worked perfectly

ppazos1 2 years ago

flatpack distro has some know bugs like uploading files fail and there are some problems with audio, Slack recommended to download the packages directly from their website.

Hoerli 2 years ago

Läuft an sich ganz gut, nur Datenschutztechnisch ist es auch auf Linux etwas bedenklich.

Ivan_Nepomnyashchikh 2 years ago

There is a problem with it. When I launch it a separate icon should appear to the right of the panel (wher the clock is and internet connection and language). But it almost never appears as it is supposed to. Most of the time only a quarter of the Slack icon appears. Very often nothing at all appears - instead an empty space appears. And only once I noticed it appeared as it is supposed to. I was wondering if whoever the author of the package is can fix it please. Thank you in advance. Ivan

31Brujah13 4 years ago

Шикарная программа, я рад что она есть в менеджере пакетов моего дистрибутива) Для командной работы это лучший мессенджер)/Chic program, I'm glad that it is in the package manager of my distribution) For team work, this is the best messenger)

Give_Trees_A_Chance 4 years ago

Missing some features available on Windows but I am still very grateful for a native Linux version and of course the ability to install through software manager. Thanks!

unknownclient 4 years ago

Installed and worked, great!

Heldenhirn 4 years ago

Works like it should. Not as polished as Slack for Windows.